Parents turn children into “princes and princesses”

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Are parents spoiling their kids too much these days? An educator sees this as the reason for the lack of real self-confidence.

“Becoming a parent is not difficult, but being a parent is very difficult”: This well-known saying by Wilhelm Busch is probably more relevant today than ever. After all, many parents simply feel overwhelmed by the upbringing of their offspring. They often mean well to their children and remove all obstacles from their path. However, experts agree that they harm the little ones. Also educator Dr. Albert Wunsch is convinced of that. In his opinion, parents take too much from their children and make it too easy for them. He mainly refers to observations from his work in schools, universities and with families in his practice.

Parenting Today: Parents Turn Children into “Princes and Princesses”

Because of their upbringing, children today increasingly believe they are the “center of the world,” according to an educator. © Westend61/IMAGO

“Today there are many princes and princesses in a first grade who all think they are the center of the world,” said the teacher in an interview with mirror quoted. The consequences of this upbringing are fatal. He notes that “the children today have a rather low endurance, give up quickly and are not as robust”. They have an exaggerated self-confidence. However, this would overestimate the children. They “imagine that they can do a lot, which is not true. And of course, this means that they are not well prepared for life’s challenges,” says Wunsch.

Children only develop real self-confidence through independence, “through real abilities and skills that the child acquires through practice”. But when so-called lawnmower parents remove all obstacles from their path, protect them from conflict and take care of many things for them, children do not learn to deal with life’s challenges. The consequences of this can extend into adulthood. The educator criticizes, for example, that parents put on their children’s shoes, butter their bread or drive them to school. “This prevents independence.”

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Parenting: “Too often parents see their children as their big project,” warns an educator

The trend Wunsch describes here is due, in his opinion, to the fact that parents today all too often view their children as “their big project”. “Like little supermen and superwomen” by which they will define themselves. “That’s why children today get too much attention, which is not good for them and which leads to them developing an exaggerated ‘I’,” reads the educational expert’s thesis. In his opinion, parents would overrate their children.

According to Wunsch, the fact that parents take a lot off their children’s shoulders is for a banal reason: “Because it goes faster that way.” However, fathers and mothers also want to prove themselves and show that they are there for their children. Although they mostly want the best for their offspring, their behavior can ultimately have a negative impact on the little ones.

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