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Lalique Group launches its first NFT collection: «The Impossible Vases»


Lalique Group launches its first NFT collection: «The Impossible Vases»

Zurich, 8 September 2022 As Lalique Group announced today that it will October 2022 at OpenSea to present their first Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collection. The Bacchantes vase, one of the group’s finest creations, is launched as a high-quality digital artwork. A total of ten NFTs are offered at a fixed price of EUR 10,000 each. With this product­the launch expands the company Lalique’s world by connecting online and offline customer experience.

With the first NFT collection, the Lalique Group takes a further step of development and breaks new ground in the Metaverse. In this future vision of the Internet, people can come together in a virtual world to socialize, play, and work. The impossible vases are high quality digital works of art. Its design was created by Marc Larminaux, artistic and creative director at Lalique, and implemented by Marcel Härtlein, Group Head Digital. Each of the ten digital artworks represents a Bacchante crystal vase designed by René Lalique in 1927 undergoing a metamorphosis beyond the boundaries of the real world. For art lovers and digital enthusiasts, the NFTs offer a unique visual experience of the Bacchantes vase and allow them to immerse themselves in the Lalique universe. The Bacchantes vase can be rediscovered from unexpected perspectives that still do justice to the brand’s character.

Holders of NFT collections will receive a digital Bacchantes vase to be displayed in Decentraland. Decentraland is recognized as one of the first Metaverse platforms for user-owned virtual social experiences. Bridging the online and offline worlds, buyers of the NFTs also receive a genuine Bacchantes crystal vase and an invitation to the Lalique crystal glass factory in Alsace, where they can gain an exclusive insight into the creation of the legendary works of art. This experience is not otherwise available to the public. In addition, the owners of the NFTs become members of Lalique’s exclusive NFT community.

The collection The impossible vases will be launched on October 7, 2022 at 17:00 CET on OpenSea, the world’s largest Ethereum blockchain-powered marketplace for crypto collectibles and NFTs. The ten unique pieces of jewelry are each offered at a price set in the cryptocurrency ether, which is equivalent to EUR 10,000.

With the launch of these NFTs, the Lalique Group is further developing its digital strategy and expanding its customer offering.

Roger von der Weid, CEO of the Lalique Group: “This year we celebrate the 100th anniversary of our Lalique crystal manufacture and at the same time the introduction of a digital innovation. It is with joy and excitement that we enter the world of NFT with an online version of BacchantesVase, one of our bestsellers in the real world. In this way, we create a new connection with our customers and also address the next generation.»

High resolution images can be downloaded from the following link:

More information about the collection The impossible vases can be found at and on Twitter @Lalique
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