Juice Charger me 3: the latest version of the wall box wins the Red Dot Design Award with the market launch

Design Awards

The further development of the Juice Charger me is not only perfect in shape, but also extremely stable and waterproof. Juice Technology unveils a further development of the popular Juice Charger me wall box and thus wins the Red Dot Award. The Juice Charger me electric car charging station combines the simplest operation with future-proof technology and has therefore enjoyed great popularity since its launch in 2021. That the Juice Charger me was named the prize winner among a representative selection of 11 kW chargers by the well-known portalvergleich.org at the beginning of The year clearly shows that even cheap chargers do not have to compromise on equipment, functionality and design.

Total protection against moisture and dirt

Now Juice brings the further development of the charger to the market and raises the wallbox to a new level of security. With protection class IP67, the charging station offers total dust and water resistance. This increases the life of outdoor use and protects the lives of lazy caretakers.

Good design is more than an elegant look

Juice Design Center has further developed Juice Charger me’s proven, reduced design language. Soft edges enable a new haptic experience. The front panel, which can be replaced with a click, allows individual motifs or your own branding.

The ingenious housing architecture with a new type of inner box reduces the installation time to under three minutes – regardless of whether the cable is mounted on the wall, flush mounted or the charger is mounted on a column. All connection wires such as mains, charging and any Ethernet cable remain connected in a tamper-proof manner.

Christopher Ernie emphasizes: “This unit is self-explanatory and electrically safe. We sent it to 100 installers without instructions and they all installed and commissioned it in a flash and without failure. The operation is unmistakable and the station requires no maintenance. All this is fun and saves costs.”

The unit can be configured as an 11 or 22 kW variant, whereby the 11 kW version can easily be upgraded to 22 kW free of charge via software. The hardware is already designed for this in all versions at no extra cost. Regardless of this, the Juice Charger me 3 can be ordered with a directly readable, MID-compatible (calibrated) meter and as an additional option with a built-in FI/LS (residual current/miniature circuit breaker). This enables accurate, usage-based charging power billing and simple, cost-effective integration into power distribution systems. Communication with the Juicer-Exo-Backend as well as device updates takes place either “over the air” via WLAN or wired via Ethernet.

Groundbreaking functions such as automatic triggering of the charging process via “Plug and Charge” (according to ISO 15118) as an alternative to activation via RFID card or standard load management for up to 250 devices are also retained in the new version and make the wallbox practical and easily expandable and above all, future-proof.

Red Dot Award: Product Design 2022

Even before the market launch, the Juice Charger me 3 convinced the independent Red Dot jury. After a thorough examination, a panel of 48 design experts certified the device’s exceptional design quality and presented it with the Red Dot Award. The unanimous opinion was that the award-winning companies set new standards in the design industry.

dr Peter Zec, initiator and managing director of Red Dot, about this year’s award: “In this competition year, I was particularly struck by the pronounced creativity that the award-winning products testify to. That there are still designs that surprise in form and functionality is truly impressive and commendable. This makes it clear that design cannot be limited or even stagnated by adverse circumstances. On the contrary: new ideas and creations appear all the time, and futuristic-looking technologies are developed. The fact that the quality of these products is equal to the degree of innovation makes them well-deserved winners of the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2022.”

However, good design is not accidental for Juice CEO Christoph Erni, as he emphasizes: “Our products must be so clear and reduced on the outside that nothing can be omitted. That is what makes beauty. On the inside, however, they had to be so complete and ground-breaking that no more had to be added. That is what technical perfection is all about.”

Juice Charger me 3 can be attached to the wall as a wall box – in surface or flush mounting (with supply cable from behind). Since all the electronics are placed on a back plate and are therefore independent of the housing, it is also possible to turn the charging station 180° and connect it to a supply line coming from above. However, the device can also be installed singly or in pairs on a stand. An RFID reader (MIFARE Classic/Desfire) is integrated behind the front panel. Activation via RFID is for all cars that do not support the ISO standard 15118 for ‘Plug and Charge’. The two included, pre-programmed cards can be easily blocked and replaced if they are lost. Optionally, the customer’s existing RFID badges (e.g. from access or canteen systems) can also be read in and authorized.

The basic version of the Juice Charger me 3 costs 1,199 euros.

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