How Netflix Could Revolutionize TV Behavior: NFT Collection for Netflix Series “Love, Death & Robots” Launched | 08/09/22

• Nine NFTs about love, death and robots
• The mint happened after the “Scavenger Hunt”
• Insights into viewing behavior via NFTs?

The Netflix series “Love, Death & Robots” with its own NFT collection

The third installment of the Netflix series “Love, Death & Robots” was released on the streaming service on May 20, 2022. The science fiction production consists of various short films, each produced by different filmmakers around the world. What the individual episodes have in common is that the stories each take place in a utopian or dystopian future world, an alternative universe or in outer space. To celebrate the third round of the short story collection, Netflix has now brought an NFT collection to the OpenSea marketplace.

Access via “Scavenger Hunt”

To qualify for the nine collectibles, each featuring a scene from each of the new episodes, fans of the series had to go on a virtual and an actual “scavenger hunt,” as “Decrypt” reported. The streaming giant has placed QR codes on billboards and in social media posts, and the codes, which can be scanned with the smartphone camera, were even supposed to be in some episodes of the show. “Nine Love, Death + Robot’s QR-coded artworks are scattered across the digital and physical worlds – they can be stamped as NFTs or right-click saved the old-fashioned way,” the project’s website states. “Each of these special limited-edition images reflects Issue 3’s unique combination of visual perspectives and creative storytelling. To collect them all, fans should be on the lookout.” A total of 131,690 of the artworks are said to be minted as NFT on an Ethereum blockchain. However, the campaign has now ended.

Relatively cheap collectible fun

Those who didn’t get anything can still buy the NFTs on OpenSea. There they are available at prices between 0.0024 and 0.0044 Ether – that is, for a few US dollars. Considering that collectibles from the popular NFT series Bored Ape Yacht Club, for example, change hands for multiples of these prices, the Netflix NFTs are a steal. However, according to “nft now”, the collectibles are not suitable as financial assets. According to the portal, that is not what it is about. The participants in the campaign were much more simply fans of the show.


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More accurate results than ratings

Instead of selling the nine excerpts from the series at high prices, Netflix used the project to gather knowledge about the series’ community, as “Quartz” editor Adario Strange surmises. Netflix could take advantage of the campaign by assessing the popularity of the individual motifs and thus ranking the episodes that were particularly well received by viewers. Classic ratings only show how often an episode was watched, but not whether viewers thought it was good. According to nft now, this can be easily read via OpenSea. There you can see how many users save the respective collectibles in their wallets, how often the NFTs were viewed, and how often they were favorited on the platform.

Prospects for more NFT series?

Fans of the series should also be happy to hear from the producers that a fourth installment of the short story series is on the way, as announced on the production’s Twitter profile on August 12, 2022.

Given that Netflix has already previously donated an NFT collection to the “Stranger Things” series and partnered with Metaverse Decentraland on the film “The Gray Man”, there is a possibility that the streaming giant will also Love, Death & Robots continue to provide crypto content.


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