5 Signs You’re in a Toxic Mother-Daughter Relationship

Of course, it is not always easy with parents and arguments and disagreements are part of everyday life. However, it is a huge problem in some families – especially in relation to mother and daughter. There, the disputes can in some cases become real toxic mother-daughter relationship become or even be a consequence of this difficult relationship. We present five signs that you are in one.

All About Toxic Mother-Daughter Relationships:

Toxic mother-daughter relationship: 5 signs

A mother should usually always be there for her child, support him and stand by his side in difficult situations. In a toxic mother-daughter relationship, however, all these aspects disappear. Because of this relationship, the child in particular may suffer in this construction and be negatively affected by the ‘toxic mother’ – from lost self-esteem to deep scars in one’s self-image.

A toxic mother-daughter relationship is characterized by a lot of arguments. Photo: IMAGO Images / Addictive Stock

That’s why we put you here Here are five signs you may be spotting a toxic mother-daughter relationship and gives you a few tips further down in the article on how to seek help in the worst case scenario.

1. Lovelessness

One of the most important characteristics of a toxic mother-daughter relationship is the fact that that love is lacking in this relationship. It does not matter whether it is from the mother or the daughter: there will be no kind words, no caresses or hugs in this relationship. As a result, the child in particular loses the emotional bond with his mother and later finds it difficult to enter into intimate relationships with other people.

2. Protection

Your mother constantly patronizes you, constantly wants to know where you are and never trusts you when you give her your word? This is also a relatively clear sign of a toxic mother-daughter relationship. This aspect often goes together with the idea that the child must function as the mother wants it tohand in hand – because that way the toxic mother can better control her child.

Daughter talking to her mother
In a toxic mother-daughter relationship, privacy often doesn’t matter. Photo: IMAGO Pictures / MASK

3. Indifference

While a sign of a toxic mother-daughter relationship can be constant scrutiny and patronizing, it can also work the other way around – knowing that your mother doesn’t take care of you and you don’t care about her at all. You can do whatever you want and your mother is not at all interested in your life? Definitely toxic.

4. Narcissism

Maybe your mother not only exhibits toxic behavior, but is also narcissistic. She may see you as a projection of herself, an extension of her life. This then leads to that it totally undermines you and your own identity and thus not only inhibits your inner development, but stagnates almost completely. She wants to make you an ideal image of herself – while your self-esteem and freedom fall by the wayside.

5. Assault

By this last sign we do not mean abuse of a physical nature. It’s more about that invading your own privacy – because mom doesn’t consider them important. For example, she could read your diary in this context because she wants to control you and wants to know what is going on in your head. This will affect the trust and respect in your relationship.

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Toxic mother-daughter relationship: How to deal with this relationship

If you now realize that you are stuck in a toxic mother-daughter relationship, you need to take action. Because otherwise it is possible that this relationship will shape you forever and influence your future relationships. We have therefore collected five tips for you that can help you deal with this situation.

  • Try to understand their behavior – maybe she had a toxic mother-daughter relationship as a child and doesn’t know how to get out of this behavior pattern.
  • Limit the time you spend with her and try to think of you first.
  • Be confident when you talk to her and stand up for yourself when she tries to control you again – confidence is key here.
  • Build your confidence. You can find out how here: Boost your confidence: These 6 tips will give you more confidence

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