Which personal liability providers treat their customers most fairly

September 8, 2022 – Servicevalue and the editors of Focus-Money magazine wanted to know from customers of private liability insurance companies how fairly they felt they were treated by the companies. Allianz, Cosmos, DEVK, Ergo, Generali, Huk24, Huk-Coburg, LVM, Provincial and VGH performed best.

This year, Servicevalue GmbH, in collaboration with Focus-Money, has once again investigated which private liability insurance companies treat customers the most fairly. The study is based on an online consumer survey conducted in July and August.

They could rate up to two providers that they had been a customer of within the past twelve months. In total, 3,464 opinions were collected from 2,998 customers at 35 companies as part of the survey.

This is how justice was determined

To make the virtual construct “fairness” measurable and thus controllable, the term was parameterized by the following five sub-dimensions with a total of 28 performance characteristics:

  • fair rate performance (transparency of products and services, product selection, product quality, product reliability, product flexibility, security, bad debt coverage, insurance amount);
  • Fair customer advice (responding to customers’ needs, ability and willingness to provide information, professional competence, binding declarations, proactively better offers);
  • fair customer service (response to problems (time and quality), unbureaucratic customer service, availability of employees, response to inquiries (time and quality), goodwill);
  • fair customer communication (comprehensibility of communication, comprehensibility of offers and contract documents, appropriate scope of information, orientation on the website, online contract conclusion);
  • fair value for money (value for money, cost transparency, price stability, rewarding customer loyalty, calculation of current values).


Rating scale in four levels

A four-point scale was available to consumers for the assessment (“strongly agree” (1), “rather agree” (2), “rather disagree” (3), “strongly disagree” (4)). Regarding the methodology, Servicevalue also stated: “The sub-dimensions are a result of the respective evaluation criteria as an unweighted mean value […].

All companies that are above average are rated ‘good’. Companies that, on the other hand, are above the average of companies rated as ‘good’, get a ‘very good’.”

The fairest private liability insurance companies from the customer’s point of view

The five dimensions were included equally in the overall assessment. Ten companies received the highest rating of “very good”. These include (in alphabetical order):

Compared to the previous survey (VersicherungsJournal September 3, 2021), the top group has decreased by one participant. SV Sparkassenversicherung Gebäudeversicherung AG dropped this.

Four players in all segments “very good”

Allianz, Ergo, Generali and Huk-Coburg scored “very well” in all five segments. Cosmos and Huk24 (except customer advice), DEVK, LVM and Provincial (each except value for money) and VGH (except customer communication) each managed this four times.

With Allianz, Cosmos, Generali, Huk24, Huk-Coburg, LVM and Provincial, seven market participants belong to the “very good” top group for the sixth time in a row (1 September 2020, 20 September 2019, 25 September 2018 4 October 2017) .

The most important drivers of customer loyalty

The main customer loyalty drivers were also determined as part of a relevance analysis (variance explanation of the correlation according to Pearson). In particular, the areas “product selection” and “transparency in products and services” were found to be the least important.

On the other hand, the “goodwill” function is particularly important. LVM performed best here (mean: 1.66). They are closely followed by Concordia Versicherungs-Gesellschaft aG (1.70), VGH and Generali (1.71 each) and Cosmos (1.72). The average is stated at 1.88.

Fairness private liability insurance company (Image: Wichert)

Further information on the content, purchase options and price of the 347-page survey report “Customer Rating: Fairness of Private Liability Insurers 2022” can be found in a survey brochure (PDF, 468 KB).

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