Lawyer Florian Scheiber: All-round package for token offerings

Liechtenstein’s “Blockchain Law” (actually: Token VT Service Provider Law; in short: TVTG; VT stands for “trustworthy technologies”) provides the world’s first basis for the digital token economy. The law was passed in October 2019 and entered into force in January 2020. According to this law, tokens include exchangeable claims or membership rights. They can thus be digital representations of property. The underlying value can be vouchers, admission tickets, works of art, classic cars, real estate or company shares. With the law, Liechtenstein positioned itself as an innovative and legally secure location for providers in the token economy. dr Florian Scheiber, lawyer and notary from Liechtenstein, has been supporting companies for years, especially with the new, digital stock market listing as part of so-called security token offerings.

Two and a half years later, the EU is now following suit with the MiCA regulation, whereby at least the proposal for the regulation (the regulation has not yet entered into force) is largely based on the Blockchain Act from Liechtenstein. MiCA stands for “Markets in Crypto Assets”. This regulation aims to create uniform crypto regulation in the European Economic Area and in the EU. Money laundering, climate neutrality and anonymity are addressed and a legal framework is created in which cryptocurrencies can thrive.

The crypto market is becoming much more secure. Token issuers will be clearly regulated by this new regulation. dr Not least because of his stay in crypto-friendly Liechtenstein, Florian Scheiber has previously been able to accompany many such issuers in security token offerings. Security tokens can in principle look like stocks or bonds.

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Helping the companies to go for crypto exchange listing

The first exchange for security tokens in Switzerland is expected to open this fall. As a result, security tokens expect an appreciation: from then on, there will be not only a primary but also a secondary market for security tokens. In other words, crypto exchanges have only listed utility tokens so far. From autumn, security tokens will also be available on the token market.

Compared to the traditional IPO, Security Token offerings have some important advantages. Financing via banks is often very restrictive, complicated and associated with many regulatory obstacles. In addition, the interest rates offered by the banks are (especially now again) not exactly attractive.

Not least for these reasons, security token offers are becoming a smart alternative for more and more existing companies. These are simpler, faster and cheaper than a standard IPO and also appeal to a more dynamic audience. Crypto offers an exciting fusion of the old and new financial worlds, bringing new investors to businesses.

New target groups and new investors through the digital economy

To reach these new investors, lawyer and notary Dr. Florian Scheiber with his many years of expertise. He got that not least because of his stay in Liechtenstein’s crypto stronghold.

The world of crypto is associated with many risks and confusion, especially for newcomers and career changers. Fintechs, start-ups and SMEs are fundamentally interested in and open to new business opportunities. However, these are often not familiar with the intricacies and regulatory circumstances of the crypto market.

For this very reason, Dr. Florian Scheiber on supporting companies that have little experience with cryptocurrencies in the “crypto IPO”. In this way, companies can take advantage of the crypto world’s many advantages and at the same time protect themselves against risks.

An all-round carefree package for the digital “crypto IPO”. Lawyer and notary Dr. Florian Scheiber and his team take care of onboarding and legal issues and are by your side with their expertise and experience every step of the way.

To fully exploit the potential of blockchain technology, you also have your own platform with KYC or identity checks, token generation tools and prospectuses.

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