Jungfrau Zeitung – Bern Design Foundation receives more money

Hints | 6 September 2022

The Grand Council on Tuesday approved an application that will award her 26,000 francs more a year in the future. A cut request from the SVP was rejected in the council by 46 votes to 97 with one abstention.

The aim of the Bern Design Foundation is to look after the canton’s collection of applied arts and to promote modern design. (Image: Bestform exhibition by Bern Design Foundation in Kornhausforum on March 23, 2022)Photo: Bern Design Foundation

The People’s Party had demanded that the previous support remain as it was. The increase is neither urgently necessary nor economically advantageous, said councilor Ueli Abplanalp. His party is confident that it will work even without this increase. There are plenty of other institutions that also collect handicrafts.

Majority against cuts

Greens, EVP, Die Mitte, SP and GLP opposed the cut. For Bruno Vanoni (Greens), it is “a good thing” how the foundation looks after an impressive collection with few funds and above all promotes modern creativity. Increasing the contribution by only CHF 26,000 makes sense and is urgently needed as the fund is actually underfunded.

Despite the great effort, it is difficult for a foundation set up by the canton to find private sponsors, said Katja Streiff from the EPP. And Alphons Bichsel of the center would like the foundation to make its “incredibly unique pieces” in the collection more accessible to the public. Ursula Marti from SP emphasized that the fund has a good cost-benefit ratio. And Alain Pichard also believed, on behalf of the Green Liberals, that the money was well invested at the Design Foundation, because it went to promote talent.

Bridge from yesterday to today

Head of education and culture Christine Häsler (The Greens) emphasized that the foundation builds a bridge from traditional handicrafts to current and future creativity. It was a minor adjustment to the post “for something very important”. The foundation explains the additional need for money primarily with the increasing number of applications for funds. Commission spokeswoman Christine Blum (SP) explained that there are very few funds available for the promotion of arts and crafts and design in the canton of Bern compared to, for example, music.

The additional CHF 26,000 came from the canton’s cultural funding. However, this remains the same size as before. This is therefore a redistribution of existing funds. The council finally approved the loan of CHF 356,000 per year with 123 votes in favor, 17 against and four abstentions.

The purpose of the foundation is to take care of the canton’s collection of applied arts and to promote modern design in the canton of Bern. The collection includes objects of Bernese arts and crafts and design from the period 1869 to the present day.

Until 1995, the canton of Bern administered these fundraising and financing activities directly as its own administrative unit. In the corresponding year, he largely outsourced this area and founded the Bern Design Foundation for this purpose. Tasks and collection were transferred to the foundation, which has since been supported by an annual contribution.

Furthermore, the Bernese Grand Council said on Tuesday:
  • a proposal to introduce priority voting for civil servants was defeated by a vote of 40 to 100 with five abstentions.
  • clearly rejected an initiative on all points that required the canton to take stock of the influence of social networks on opinion formation, the rise of extremism and the division of society.
  • unanimously recognized the annual report from the University of Bern.
  • unanimously recognized the annual report of the Bern University of Applied Sciences.
  • approved the University of Education’s annual report unanimously with seven abstentions.

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