Is the hobby suitable for the little ones?

Most children love playing sports in a team. Here you can find out what the sport of hockey is like and whether it is a sensible idea for children.

What does hockey do?

Hockey is a very successful category in Germany team sport, also very action-packed. The equipment primarily includes a hockey stick, which is either made of hard plastic or wood. The goal for each team is to get the tennis ball-sized ball into the opposing team’s goal and defend their own goal from the opposing team’s attack. In the summer months, hockey takes place on large outdoor playing fields, where 11 against 11 compete, in the winter months the game is played six against six in sports halls moved, and takes place the size of a handball court. Since the hockey game a very fast sport is that the gate frequency is relatively high, to the delight of the viewers. In relation to shots or hitting the target, the sport can be compared to handball.

When can children play hockey?

Hockey is offered even for the youngest. Already at the age of Three years the potential little athletes can familiarize themselves with the sport in a playful way. Up to the age of eight, girls and boys are included mixed groups active, after which a gender-specific group separation is carried out.

What is the risk of injury?

If you’ve ever seen a hockey game, you’ll surely believe that the risk of injury is particularly high in this fast-paced sport. But that is not the case. The ultimate goal in hockey is to avoid damage and only the hockey stick on earth To keep. There are far fewer injuries in hockey than in, for example, football.

Is hockey an expensive sport?

Immersing yourself in the sport of hockey is not completely free. You usually have to join a hockey club. This entails costs in the form of an annual fee and often also an entrance fee. With approx hundred euros per year you have to at least do the math, but depending on the region and state, this can be much higher. Add to that the price of the rackets. An indoor and an outdoor bat are required, which must be adapted to your child’s current size. Over the years and as your child grows, a few rackets will accumulate, but they can be bought from as little as 20 euros. Appropriate clothing such as shin guards and absolute one is also required mouth guardto protect the teeth.

How often should you exercise?

The training mostly takes place for the youngest once a week instead, it is with the elderly two to three times a week. A training session lasts between 60 and 90 minutes. Before a possible and mandatory entry into a club, you should consider the offer of one test hour to see if the child even enjoys this sport and also wants to participate in the training.


Hockey is a fantastic and very action-packed sport that can be played by children from the age of three. Because you have to join an association, there are annual dues that start at around 100 euros, but can also be higher. Not only do the children need appropriate sportswear, they also need at least one racket per year for both the summer and winter seasons. If the child likes hockey, it is a great sport that not only promotes team spirit, but also the child’s reactions due to the very fast pace.

Which sport suits your child?

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