Legal Dispute: Lawsuit Ahead: Crypto Community Member Hodlonaut Receives Multi-Million BTC Donation For Legal Fees | news

• The mystery of Satoshi Nakamoto remains unsolved

• Hodlonaut faces lawsuit against Craig Wright

• Hodlonaut was able to collect a donation worth millions

Who is Bitcoin Inventor Satoshi Nakamoto?

In the crypto world, Satoshi Nakamoto is an unsolved mystery. This is an unknown person or group that developed the Bitcoin protocol. However, there are some rumors about who is behind the pseudonym, as BTC-Echo explains. Possible candidates include Hal Finney, one of the first programmers who, along with Nakamoto himself, was actively involved in the Bitcoin protocol. And even Tesla boss Elon Musk was already in the room as Nakamoto. However, the latter has already rejected these assumptions as “ridiculous”. Craig Wright, the chief developer of nChain, has himself claimed to be Nakamoto in the past. However, he has not yet been able to provide valid proof of this. For many, the assumption is that he only wanted to increase his media reach with the claim, which is why he is also known in the community by the name “Faketoshi”.


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Hodlonaut in court

Bitcoin website publisher Hodlonaut (real name Magnus Granath) is now facing a lawsuit against Australian computer scientist Craig Wright. The trial is set to begin on September 12 in Granath’s native Norway, according to Cryptoslate. Another trial involving a defamation case against Granath is also scheduled to take place in the UK in 2023. “Litigation in the UK is extremely expensive and the last hope of my opponents is that I will not be able to continue the case and give them a standard win,” Granath said on Twitter.

The lawsuit against Hodlonaut is about his reaction to the statement that Wright was Satoshi Nakamoto and thus the inventor of Bitcoin. Wright claims Granath damaged his reputation with a series of tweets from March 2019 in which Granath called him a “cheater” for his Nakamoto testimony. Although Wright has filed a “strategic lawsuit against the public” (SLAPP), Granath promises to stay on top of things. And that’s despite the lawsuit already costing him $2.4 million and countless hours of his time, as he explains in a Twitter thread. “My determination not to give up the truth has resulted in a bounty on my head and a ‘Dox’. This has cost me a staggering $2.4 million and countless hours of my time over the last three years tasted.”

Donations over $1 million

For this reason, Granath is also reaching out to the Bitcoin community with a request for help. Via Twitter, he calls for donations to be collected for legal fees. “This community campaign aims to ensure that my fight is brought to a successful conclusion, with court rulings effectively ending any further harassment of bitcoiners, developers and companies. If you recognize the importance of this fight, please consider giving a donation,” reads the tweet. .

Granath told CoinDesk he was very confident. Especially after receiving more than 2,220 donations from supporters totaling approximately 54.2 bitcoin worth $1.2 million. Wright recently won a very similar legal battle against podcast host Peter McCormack, but he is said to have presented false evidence, resulting in just one pound in damages. In addition, the UK Supreme Court judge could not confirm whether Wright is actually Bitcoin inventor Nakamoto. How the lawsuit between Granath and Wright ultimately ends remains to be seen.

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