Škoda Vision 7S: This is what Skoda models will look like in the future

Škoda Vision 7S: The study shows how the VW subsidiary imagines the future. The future top model will be a five meter long electric SUV. First information about design and technology.

  • Škoda is planning a completely new design

  • View of a five meter long electric SUV

  • Seven seats and sustainable interior materials

Škoda can’t have done much wrong in the past. The sales figures are still good, the market share is 6 percent. The Czechs have a solid grip on fifth place among all manufacturers in Germany. And yet the VW subsidiary wants to get out of the comfort zone and is planning a radical cut: Škoda wants to gradually adapt the appearance of its models and sharpen them significantly. that future design line runs under the motto “modern solid” and is to be the most far-reaching reorientation of the design language since it was integrated into the VW group more than 30 years ago.

The electric SUV from Škoda will arrive in 2026

The Skoda Vision 7S study looks quite voluminous ©Skoda

Everything is geared to meet the challenges of electromobility. Škoda will invest 5.6 billion euros in the transformation over the next five years, and 700 million euros will flow into digitization. The VW subsidiary wants to do this by 2026 three other all-electric models launch. The electric Karoq will arrive in 2024, followed a year later by the successor to the Citigo E and from 2026 a large seven-seater.

The study gives us a first look at this and the new design Vision 7S, which Škoda has now presented. The SUV is included about five meters long approximately 35 centimeters larger than the already stately Škoda Enyaq and is to become Škoda’s future flagship. “The brand can handle it,” says new Škoda boss Klaus Zellner. Above all, he wants Škoda to grow outwards in the future and not cannibalize VW products with its models.

The Vision 7S shows the new confidence that everyone can see. The counter-opening doors and the frameless windows are usual finger exercises on a studio, which we are unlikely to see again later. But before that brand new Škoda lettering. The design team led by Oliver Stefani has completely banned the old logo from the show car. Whether it appears again later in the series is rather doubtful.

Škoda Vision 7S: electric car with future design

Characteristic rear with lights at a 90-degree angle and eye-catching openings in the bumper ©Skoda

The lines of the SUV are clearly drawn, quite reduced, flat on the sides and quite modern. This is matched by the completely reinterpreted front end. The radiator grille is closed, contrasting in black and much flatter than we have been used to from Škoda. Significantly widened, it leads the headlights, which are arranged in two rows above each other, to the sides, with a thin strip of light above them, designed as running lights. Overall, Škoda is a bit reminiscent of the upcoming Kia EV9. The study’s design elements should be remembered as they show where the design journey is going: upcoming Škoda models are likely to have a significant profile.

Škoda will also venture further into the future. The interior welcomes its passengers with a new room conceptt. The materials are largely sustainable. Up to seven people can ride on three rows of seats. In rows one and two, a high center console separates the traveling group, and a baby seat can be mounted on the center rail for the youngest offspring. However, it is not yet clear whether this will also be the case with the production version.

The screen rotates during the loading pause

Modern cockpit with oval steering wheel and rotating tablet ©Skoda

The front is dominated by a huge tablet-sized screen, including three fairly conventional dials, the steering wheel is oval, the door panels are interactive. The study has two modes: driving and relaxing. While driving, everything is optimally adjusted, the driver and the front seat passenger each look at their own display. Relax mode is suitable for breaks or when charging the electric SUV: it gives the driver more space, for example by turning the steering wheel towards the dashboard and rotating the tablet from portrait to landscape format. So you can relax and take a nap or watch a movie.

It will be interesting to see which ideas for the Vision 7S actually find their way into series production. And which models will be launched first with the new Škoda design.

Text: Tomas Hirschberger/SP-X

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