Door curtain as insect protection: The most beautiful pearl curtains beyond the granny cliché

Do you only remember door curtains from your childhood? Then you should take a look at these new practical variants.

The word “fly curtain” sounds a bit nostalgic, somehow like summer and holidays and maybe a bit like grandparents’ balcony, maybe also like laughing and splashing around in the pool, a shovel being stuck in the sand on the beach or the sound of wooden floorboards creaking gently on the terrace with each step. Fly curtains are as much a part of grandma’s city apartment as they are a Mediterranean summer house, you can find them from Hawaii to Lake Garda. Because they are practical: next to the mosquito net over the bed, door curtains are one of the best ways to protect our home from biting pests – and at the same time great as a room divider and design element.

How do door curtains work?

Classic cord curtain from Shein.

On the one hand, fly curtains are simply decorative, on the other hand they also have a protective function, as they prevent all kinds of insects from entering the house or apartment. They come in countless colours, patterns and materials, and you can also use them in the home – for example as room dividers or in the passage to the laundry room. Since most door curtains are made of beads that hang freely next to each other, air can flow freely through in the summer, but flying insects cannot enter.

Materials for door curtains – these variants are there

Sklum Sonop bamboo fly net.

Door curtains are available today in as many colors as there are materials and designs. If you’re brave and creative enough to embark on your own DIY adventure, you can make these dreamy strips yourself. But if crafts are not your favorite pastime, there are different types of beaded curtains made from different materials to buy.


PVC is the most common material used for fly screens as it is one of the most durable and versatile plastic products that can also withstand frost, rain and sun exposure – ideal for outdoor use but not easy to recycle.


… is probably the most typical and traditional material. Curtains with wooden beads are widely used in interior design and allow you to play with different shades, be it reddish, light or dark. Some models also impress with an exciting natural grain.


Bamboo is one of the most used materials for door curtains in recent years. Bamboo is one of the most resistant and fastest growing natural materials in the world, resists temperature fluctuations and gives any door a noble appearance.


Another material often used for fly netting because it is hard but very flexible is aluminum. Aluminum fly screens are cheap, but they usually look like this.

Style – these are the most typical representatives

“Circle” by Sklum made of bamboo.

PVC or plastic tape

In this case, PVC curtains are more reliable, while ordinary plastic curtains, although transparent, are less durable. Both are available in almost endless colors.

wooden pipe

… is one of the most used materials. A classic model and highly recommended as a room divider.

chain curtains

… are mostly made of aluminum, which makes them extremely durable. They are also available in endless color variations. The design is somewhat reminiscent of safety pins that are lined up.

Our tips for installing door curtains

Installing a door curtain is easier than it looks: while some models come with a pre-made hanger, all you need to do is measure the door, drill two holes and install the rod to which you can attach the ribbon cascades.

As you can see, there are countless models and designs and even more possibilities to decorate any garden or balcony door and give it a touch of Mediterranean nostalgia. And the inimitable click of beads on beads (especially in our favorite material, wood) is guaranteed to bring back memories of carefree summers!

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