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Father Carlos Hernandez and his 16 children. © Patty Hernandez

Patty and Carlos Hernandez from the USA are the parents of 16 children. And as if that wasn’t strange enough, there is also something behind the children’s names.

North Carolina – In the home of the Hernandez family in the US state of North Carolina, it is not easy to be bored, let alone calm. With 16 children between the ages of 1 and 14, chaos is always guaranteed. Patty and Carlos Hernandez are both 40 years old and proud of their little rascals. Patty Hernandez tells the British newspaper The sun: “I have been pregnant for 14 years and feel blessed, happy, excited and delighted to have been chosen to have my 17th child.” That’s right, the Hernandez family isn’t even thinking about giving up after 16 kids. Patty is already pregnant with her 17th child after youngest Hernandez Clayton was born in May. Not everyone understands American family life.

USA: 16 children and still no contraception

According to Patty and Carlos Hernandez, they are often judged. The 40-year-old mother says: “We are judged by people, but they don’t count for us. Because the only thing that matters is that God has chosen us to bless us,” she says Sun. The two belong to the Pentecostal Christian movement in America and reject contraception. That’s how Patty is practically permanently pregnant, to which she says: “I know I’m really fertile.” And after offspring number 17, it should not end in any way, because Patty and Carlos are not only with great fertility, but also blessed with great desire for each other. “We’re asking God for baby number 18, if that’s His will. But we’re open to more, hopefully. We want an even number and three more boys – 10 and 10,” the mother of 16 explains.

The Christian Pentecostal movement in the United States

Pentecostalism is in the evangelical wing of Protestant Christianity and has seen great growth in recent years. The Encyclopedia of Religion and Society speaks of 10 million to 29 million adherents in the United States alone. For all manifestations of the movement, the Holy Spirit plays a central role, as does the processional speech, a special way of praying.

Pentecostal attitudes are reflected in their moral beliefs and convictions. They have very traditional views on issues such as the role of women, homosexuality, abortions and sex outside of marriage. (Source: Encyclopedia of Religion and Society)

All children in the American extended family start with a C

For 16 children, 16 names must come to mind first. But Carlos and Patty made it easy for themselves. All previous children start with a C – in honor of their father Carlos. The names of the six boys and ten girls include Christopher, Carla, Caitlyn, Cristian, Celeste, Cristina, Calvin, Carroll and Caleb. Baby number 17 will be named Carter as a boy or Clair as a girl, in keeping with family tradition.

Bus from Patty and Carlos Hernandez
Patty and Carlos Hernandez drive their 16 children around in this large bus. © Patty Hernandez

With 16 children, there are also many household duties and costs. According to Patty, she spends just under $900 a week on groceries alone. She also washes 4 times a week and folds the clothes for up to five hours every other day. The Hernandez family owns a cleaning business, so Patty points out that they can afford this lifestyle without government financial support. By the way: Every day the mother drives the school-age children for an hour in a 20-seater bus. There is a sign next to the license plate that says “Jesus is King”. Whether the Hernandez’s really end their family planning with the 20th child is anyone’s guess — at least there are more than enough names with C.

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