3 elegant models that we see everywhere this fall

Flats are the fall trend for 2022

Loafers: are slippers suddenly the fashion highlight?

Loafers are the trend shoe in autumn 2022. A particularly hyped model: the leather slippers from Prada.


Loafers are the mega hit in autumn 2022! The super comfortable slip-on shoes have crept into many Germans’ shoe closets in recent years, but have since been regarded as the gray mouse among shoes, together with sneakers, boots and the like. Hardly any other shoe is as elegant and stylish. like a really smart loafer

We tell you why loafers are suddenly on the rise in autumn 2022. You will be surprised: the smart flats are unrivaled in their versatility. Which models are our favourites.

Chunky loafers with giant soles are all the rage in 2022

bigger bigger, Chunky loafers. This year, not only boots, sneakers and sandals get taller with a chunky wedge heel. There are also loafers with chunky soles like those from Catwalk *. This not only gives you a few centimeters of height and makes your legs look longer – the shoe exudes pure elegance. Especially black models with filigree jewelry details in gold create an elegant spirit. Simply beautiful!

  • Tip: The model for 34.99 euros is based on the design of loafers by Prada, Chanel and Gucci. Visually, it is almost indistinguishable from the designer shoes. More diva is hardly possible!

Unobtrusive but stylish: the loafer in brown made of suede

It doesn’t always have to be a slipper that catches the eye. comfortable Suede loafers also available in earth colors such as beige, brown or olive. Those who dare to wear flat loafers like those from Boden *, which wonderfully underline the business casual dress code. Especially important: Loafers are designed so that you can stand on your feet for a long time. In terms of comfort, the slip-on shoe is far superior to other shoes.


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Bold colors make the loafer shine

The loafer often comes in quite simple designs. But if you really want to dare to present the shoe in the limelight, you can count on one Loafers with an extravagant pattern preferably from the ground *. The shoe with a botanical pattern and gold bridle is colorful, wild and eye-catching. Important: Wear it with a simple outfit to avoid mixing too many patterns and designs. Otherwise, it can just be too much of a good thing.

How did the loafer become a trendy shoe in autumn 2022?

Three years ago, hardly anyone knew the loafer. At best, older women and men wore the elegant shoes. Precisely because of this, the slip-on shoe had a rather conservative, old-fashioned image among many people.

But then the change came with a Prada 2020 fashion show: Here, the models wore chunky loafers in black with beautiful tassels, horsebits and unusual bridge details and thus created a real hype overnight. Within days, high-end designer leather loafers advanced from runway to everyday style.

How to style loafers in autumn 2022

  • Modern chic: Loafers even go with cool denim jackets or leather outfits. The slim slippers breathe an elegant touch into the swinging outfit, which looks particularly modern in a skillful style break.
  • business style: Loafers are the ideal accessory for office wear. This means: skirts, trousers and suits look great with loafers. The smart design emphasizes the seriousness and sets wonderful accents.
  • New Elegance: A long coat or smart turtleneck looks even more sophisticated with loafers. Since the flats have a rather enclosed character, you should use colored models or try platform variants. The contrast is the real eye-catcher!

We use loafers in autumn – in all their variations

Loafers 2022 finally shed their boring image – the latest models are extravagant and give even simple outfits a sophisticated charm. Luxury brands such as Prada in particular have shown that loafers can enhance any outfit. We are looking forward to the many loafer looks that we will see this fall!

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