Nagold dances: Charity events raise money with a disco for children with cancer – Nagold and surroundings

Setting the mood: DJ Joao Ambrosio and DJ Rocky Photo: Zabota

DJ Joao Ambrosio and singer Chantal Raible created a good atmosphere at disco deluxe in the old seminary gymnasium. The profits from Saturday’s party are donated to children affected by cancer.

Nagold – Shortly before 22.00 Dr. Albanian. The pop musician brought the atmosphere in the old seminary gym to operating temperature with his hit “Sing Hallelujah”. On Saturday evening, probably the hottest event in the area took place in the seminary’s gymnasium: Nagold Disco Deluxe, organized by the association “Charity Events Nagold”.

A disco at its best – colored lights, stage fog and strong music. Two DJs provided the music: Rocky and Joao Ambrosio. DJ Joao Ambrosio DJs a lot in clubs in the region and organizes his own events under the label “Portugal in da Club”.

help with music

What are a DJ’s favorite hits? Ambrosio calls Dr. Alban and “Conga” by Gloria Estefan and Miami Sound Machine and thus the direction is already set: many Latin American rhythms, especially reggaeton, a style of music that is particularly fashionable again, with artists like Shakira, Enrique Iglesias or Gente de Zona. But also many hits from the 1990s, house music and dance hits such as “Atemlos” by Helene Fischer. “This is an important event for me,” says Joao Ambrosio, “I can help people here.”

To help – that is the purpose of the event. The association “Charity Events Nagold” collects donations for non-profit organizations. The profit from this evening (admission seven euros and sale of drinks) goes to the association for children affected by cancer, Tübingen. “We hope to break the 50,000 euro mark today,” says the club’s chairman, Patrick Walz. So far, the association has collected almost 50,000 euros with numerous events such as “Disco Deluxe”, the fourth of its kind.

More than 100 tickets have already been sold in advance in various Nagold stores for the Saturday disco.

A bone marrow donor is sought

A “charity event” is a charity event, which sounds really big in German and is not at all what the organizers intended. “It should be fun to do well,” that’s the motto, and that’s what it says on the pink wristbands that visitors receive at the entrance. At the entrance there is also the donation box for the Tübinger Förderverein, in front of which you can register as a potential bone marrow donor for DKMS.

Speaking of registration: At the entrance to the seminary’s gymnasium, a stainless steel column with a screen jumps into your eyes. Then a QR code and instructions: 1. Scan (with your smartphone); 2. Type “Freeshot”; 3. Secure a free shot. The free spirit is a thank you for signing up, and you will then receive an ongoing newsletter with news from the local retail trade, initiated by the young Nagold company HADi Community GmbH. Max Dettling and Stefan Ritscher, two of the company’s founders, explain that they want to strengthen the retail trade and bring young people back to the city’s shops. According to their own statement, they have so far been active in Nagold and Herrenberg, with other cities to follow.

About 400 guests

But it didn’t even take a free kick to get the atmosphere in the seminary gym going at full speed. 300 to 400 people of all ages dance, dance, dance. In the meantime, quite a few small groups have formed out in the foyer and in the yard under the tent pavilions, the first ones are cooling off, you can smoke a cigarette and chat a bit, which is hardly possible indoors with almost 100 decibels.

Inside, the singer Chantal Raible from Eutingen, who has just released her first song, is now creating a good atmosphere. She gives the live effect and brings cover songs that people go along with. Far into the night, it’s only over until around three o’clock.

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