Family Life Updates: The Best Tweets About Parents And Their Kids (5)

Dear parents, dear mothers and fathers! It’s almost a miracle you’re actually awake at this point. After all, there is a Saturday in the calendar today, and the weekend is known for giving parents the almost unique opportunity to catch up on at least some of the sleep they missed during the week. Which, however, brings us directly to the reason or reasons why you are no longer lying and sleeping in bed: Just like on the rest of the weekdays, it is the dear children! And that’s exactly what our family discover is all about today. We wish you lots of fun and a relaxing weekend!

#1: This will continue for life

#2: All of us, right?

#3: Vacation time is sibling time

#4: There are things that just can’t be banned

#5: Can’t imagine if it had happened in the spring of 2020…

#6: Completely sustainable

#7: Always a good idea

#8: Write it down, remember it, then turn it off

#9: Not really uplifting

#10: Okay, mom is screwed

#11: It’s just different times today…

#12: Impressive logic

#13: Now we finally know what the “H” in BH stands for

#14: It is well known that a lot helps a lot

#15: Did everything right. ALL!

To all mothers and fathers of school children:

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