Smart Home Highlights at IFA 2022: you must see them

Smart thermostats, impressive lighting systems or voluminous spatial sound: IFA 2022 traditionally offers a lot of new things related to the networked home. We will introduce you to the most important smart home innovations and show you where you can see them at the fair.

Nubert: Smart ceiling speaker with LED light

Nubert is celebrating its IFA premiere this year. Among other things, the Swabian loudspeaker specialists will show the smart active loudspeaker nuPro XI-2000 RC. Designed as a ceiling speaker for Dolby Atmos systems, the speaker integrates an LED ring and thus functions as a lighting system at the same time.

The Dolby Atmos soundbar nurPro XS 8500 RC functions as a player for the ceiling speaker. (Image: Nubert)

Thanks to the radio module based on the current Zigbee standard, the sound lamp can also be connected to existing smart lighting systems.

The XI-2000 RC receives the sound content wirelessly via the Nubert radio standard X-Connect, which is used, among other things, in the Dolby Atmos soundbar nuPro XS-8500 RC.

You can find these and more innovations from Schwäbisch-Gmünd in hall 1.2, stand 235.

Sing Cell Alpha: sound ball from the former Apple designer

After more than two decades at Apple, designer Christopher Stringer took on a new challenge and worked with Syng on a new type of speaker. You can marvel at the result in the form of Syng Cell Alpha at IFA 2022.

The sound sphere must enable a particularly precise sound projection regardless of room layout through complex measurement methods – Syng calls the solution “Triphonic Audio”.

Sing promises room-filling sound from the sound ball with Cell Alpha. (Image: Sing)

To do this, Cell Alpha accesses three microphones that automatically measure the speaker and adjust the sound accordingly. Thanks to support for Spotify, AirPlay 2 or direct wiring via HDMI with eARC, Cell Alpha is flexible when it comes to choosing sources. It is also possible to operate several speakers together.

If you want to get an impression of it, visit the Aqipa stand in hall 1.2, stand 220. The Austrian distributor takes over the European sales of the noble loudspeaker.

AVM: Smart heating solutions and new FritzFon

For the FritzBox makers from AVM, IFA is, so to speak, a home game. It is no wonder that AVM does not miss the fair and that there is also a lot of news

presented for the smart home. An example of this is the FritzFon X6. In addition to convenient WLAN telephony via the FritzBox, the DECT telephone must also offer smart home control functions, for example for displaying networked camera intercom systems.

FritzFon X6 IFA Smart Home
FritzFon X6, designed for the Smart Home, is a true IFA innovation. (Image: AVM)

The smart radiator controller FritzDect 302, which regulates the temperature in the house and apartment in an energy-saving way, has been available for a long time, but is certainly still interesting in these times.

You can find these and all other IFA innovations from AVM in hall 10.2 on stand 10a and 10b.

Bosch Smart Home: security in the smart home

At IFA 2022, Bosch will continue to focus on expanding the second generation of its smart home product range. Among other things, the Bosch Eye indoor camera II is included. The 360-degree security camera gives you a view of your home either via the Bosch cloud or via your own camera apps.

With a paid subscription, you can save longer recordings online and even receive an alert if you hear suspicious sounds.

Bosch Smart Home Eyes camera
Eyes Indoor Camera II monitors your networked home with a 360-degree view. (Image: Bosch)

The new door/window switch II Plus also functions under the security aspect and, among other things, warns of attempted burglaries using a vibration sensor. If you can do without it, the switch without a plus in the name is also available as a standard version, which you can use to trigger actions when, for example, you leave the apartment.

You can see these and many other innovations from the smart home system from Bosch in hall 1.1 at stand 105.

Ecoflow Delta 2: Smart power supply for home and on the go

Of course, smart devices also need power. EcoFlow is therefore showing a new power plant at IFA with the Delta 2, which, thanks to its 1800 watt AC output, a total of 13 charging options and a charging speed that is 7 times faster than the previous model, can help bridge power bottlenecks or even provide the necessary power when camping take care of the coffee machine, the kettle and even the hair dryer.

delta 2 smart home
EcoFlow DELTA 2 is designed to ensure efficient power supply both at home and on the go. (Image: EcoFlow)

The basic capacity of 1024 Wh can optionally be expanded to three times the capacity with additional batteries. EcoFlow Delta 2 is charged either via a socket, cigarette lighter in the car or sustainably via a separate solar panel. The lithium iron phosphate batteries used are said to withstand up to 3,000 charge cycles and can therefore last up to ten years.

If you are interested in the smart power solution, you will find EcoFlow at IFA 2022 in Hall 3.2, Stand 108.

Siemens: Smart displays suitable for kitchens

With the Smart Kitchen Dock, Siemens is showing an Alexa-compatible smart screen that is also suitable for full cooking. In addition to a touch screen, the display also offers gesture control, which should also work with wet or muddy hands.

This should be an advantage over classic smart displays like the Amazon Echo Show, especially for displaying cooking recipes.

Smart display control even with wet hands from cooking: Siemens makes it possible. (Image: Siemens)

Of course, the Smart Kitchen Dock also works together with other smart household appliances from Siemens, such as the iQ700 refrigerator. The display shows the status of the connected devices via Alexa voice commands, which must also be understood in noisy environments thanks to four integrated microphones. And yes, you can also open the fridge with an Alexa command.

You can find all about this and other smart home innovations from Siemens at IFA in hall 1.1, stand 102.

Twinkly Squares: Smart bright squares for the smart home

Mood lighting has always been one of the most popular categories of smart homes. No wonder Italian company Twinkly is also present at IFA 2022. Also included are the new Twinkly Squares lightweight tiles.

The tiles, each consisting of 8 x 8 LED fields, can be individually programmed via app to bring luminous pixel art to the wall in addition to colored light scenes. Since you can also put the tiles together in a modular way, there are hardly any limits to your creativity.

twinkly squares smart home
Pixel art, mood lighting or both: Twinky Squares should make it possible (Image: Twinkly)

As it should be, Twinkly Squares connect to WLAN so you can sync and control them with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit or even with gaming accessories such as the Razr Chroma.

If you want to see the seats in action, visit Twinkly at IFA in Hall 5.2, Stand 130.

What are your smart home highlights at IFA 2022? Let us know in the comments below the post!

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