Invesco Offers Metaverse Funds, Promises Industry Growth | 09/03/22

• Invesco launches the Metaverse fund
• Focus on seven core areas
• A strong growth spurt is expected until 2030

Invesco launches Metaverse funds

The asset manager Invesco offers its clients a broad portfolio of financial products, consisting of several funds and trusts that both institutional and private investors can invest in. In total, the company manages approximately $1.6 trillion in assets. Invesco has now introduced a new financial product: the Invesco Metaverse Fund. According to “Deutsche Finanz Presse Agentur”, the new fund was launched on August 22, 2022 and is aimed at pan-European investors. The Trend Fund is actively managed by Invesco’s Asia and Emerging Markets specialists, Tony Roberts and James McDermottroe.

“One of the greatest revolutions since the invention of the World Wide Web”

“It’s not just a new step in digital evolution, it’s, in our opinion, one of the biggest revolutions since the invention of the World Wide Web.” This is how Invesco defines the metaverse hype on the corporate side. “Welcome to Metaverse, a virtual place where the real and digital worlds blur and open a new way for us to live, work and invest.” The Invesco Metaverse Fund is domiciled in Luxembourg and contains small, medium and large companies from the USA, Asia, Japan and Europe that are active in the Metaverse area by developing virtual worlds themselves, giving them the necessary structure or from success this benefit. According to the DFPA, the fund managers want to support seven core areas: modern computer systems, devices with metaverse access, hyperconnectivity networks, immersive platforms based on AI, blockchain, interface tools and investment products with which the real economy can be digitized.

According to the Invesco executives, companies that develop and deliver the infrastructure behind the virtual worlds in particular can benefit from the growth in the market. The experts assume that with a stable technical foundation, digitization of experiences and goods is easy.


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Trillion-dollar potential for metaverse industry

The Metaverse area, which recently was also mainly due to the renaming of the Facebook group to Meta Platforms and its ambitious plans to build a virtual world, but also due to the trend towards non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and blockchain- solutions in the focus of investors can grow significantly over the next few years, according to Roberts. “It is estimated that virtual and augmented reality-related applications could increase the growth of the global economy by 1.4 trillion British pounds by 2030,” financial portal “Institutional Money” quoted the fund manager as saying. “The applications of Metaverse in the entertainment industry are becoming more widely known. Furthermore, the interconnection enabled by Metaverse can be expected to transform industries as diverse as healthcare, logistics, education and sports. From the investment opportunities it creates, we aim to profit with a very selective, valuation-conscious approach.”

Already several Metaverse funds on the market

The trend towards virtual worlds has long gone beyond startups and the NFT scene. In addition to Meta, tech giants Apple, Microsoft and NVIDIA are also working on their own solutions that aim to merge the real and virtual worlds. A study by the market research firm Gartner recently confirmed that Metaverse has a long-term market position, although the development of the web trend is still at a very early stage. Experts say it will take another ten years before the concept is ready for the market.

“At Invesco, we always have one goal in mind: to offer our clients first-class solutions to take advantage of exciting investment opportunities – and Metaversum is clearly one of them,” says Sascha Specketer, who heads the DACH area at Invesco. In the financial world, however, Metaverse has already arrived before Invesco’s commitment: According to “Blockchain News”, not only did Meta create a $50 million fund in September 2021 to ensure the responsible development of its own virtual world, but also the HBAR Foundation committed $250 million to a Metaverse Fund in April to help leverage Hedera Hashgraph’s Metaverse environment for consumer brands. According to Finextra, AXA, Fidelity and HSBC already offer similar Metaverse funds to investors, as Invesco now does.


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