City rejects education project for aggressive children

Brandenburg/H. It had to fail because of a 30-hour-a-week position for a social worker. Since 2020, director Birgit Schiller and her team from the Gebrüder Grimm primary school have been working on the project “Lerngruppe Plus”. The Ministry of Education and the National Board of Education provide money, but the city does not.

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Why is? The school in the district of Hohenstücken attends many children with a migration background, from socially disadvantaged families or from unfavorable life situations. Among them are girls and boys who are anxious, unhappy and insecure, unable to talk about feelings and unable to form relationships. They do not obey any rules, reject education, are even violent, transgress and overstep boundaries. Some even destroy their own or other people’s property.

Max six children in the group

In a “learning group plus”, a maximum of six children from 2nd to 4th grade can learn outside their class groups and are looked after intensively by a special teacher and a social pedagogue. It is not only about pure learning, but also about behavioral training, creative offers and experience-based educational approaches. Violence should also be pushed back with social learning.

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Parental meetings are held every two weeks, so that the children also get to know that the school and parents are working together. The children stay in the temporary study group’s protected environment for six months, up to a maximum of two years. In addition to the group table, there is also, for example, a work table or a relaxation area.

“Lernbüro” already exists

Folkeskolen has already started the project in a slimmed-down form as a “learning office”. What is missing is a social worker. According to the school management, it would also pay off, in any case the extra expenses could be minimised. So far, three of the six participating students have schoolmates. However, if the children are now looked after by professionals, chaperones are only occasionally required. Even later, they would no longer be necessary for these children if the girls and boys were caught early and included in the class.

support from the school board

The National Board of Education supports the project “Lerngruppe Plus”: “We see the need and don’t want to leave. The school has a high proportion of immigrants, also from many different nations. That’s why we put money into our part-time jobs for the last time,” says manager Janina Kolkmann.

School board member Harald Kursinski writes to the school and the town hall: “Unless the city of Brandenburg an der Havel decides to support the project independently for the 2023/2024 school year by approving a socio-pedagogical specialist and thus participating in the state. project ‘Lerngruppe Plus’, There is no funding option from the state education authority in Brandenburg an der Havel.”

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Management doesn’t want money

The administration has now made a proposal for a resolution to the youth welfare committee, which is to be considered on Wednesday. It says: “The application that Brødrene Grimm folkeskole has submitted to enter into a cooperation agreement on the implementation of ‘Læringsgruppen Plus’ from the school year 2022/2023 is rejected.” This is a new voluntary task and not covered by the budget. funds.

But the committee has the last word. It is possible that he will follow the recommendation, but will insist on funds for 2023/24 if the school board no longer comes up for discussion. It is also possible that he already votes against the recommendation and for an additional social worker. Then the project could be fully implemented for the first time.

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