9 tips for parents and children in September in Freiburg – Freiburg

The summer holidays are coming to an end and so is the warm season. What awaits us in autumn and winter is written in the stars. Until then, we have put together some nice events for you.

Freiburg Youth Photo Award

All photography enthusiasts between the ages of six and 21 can enter this year’s Freiburg Youth Photo Prize until 18 September. Under the motto “Close to it”, the photo competition invites you to submit an image or a series of images of up to six images. The images must be “close”. This can be a moving story or an image that conveys a certain feeling, illustrates an attitude towards life or captures an intimate moment. It’s not about the perfect camera or the best Photoshop skills, it’s about the right moment. The pictures will then be assessed by a jury, and great prizes await the winners in the various age groups.

reading laboratories

For all reading and writing enthusiasts between the ages of 10 and 16, the reading laboratories will take place for the first time this year. Stories can be written and/or illustrated together with professional writers and illustrators. Getting to know Christian Duda, Lena Steffinger, Benjamin Tienti and Nele Palmtag will take place on September 4 at Literaturhaus Freiburg. Together with the “readers”, children and young people must spend four days researching the topic of madness. The reading laboratories take place as part of the well-known “Lirum Larum Reading Festival”, and the literary results from the reading laboratories can be presented at the finale on 16 October in Theater Freiburg.

Children and young people between the ages of 10 and 16 can register at www.freiburg.de/lesefest. The number of participants is limited to 30 places and it is free to participate.

Teufelsgrund visitor mine

If you’re still looking for a nice trip in the last week of the school holidays, don’t miss the treasure hunt in the Teufelsgrund visitor mine. The tour is suitable for small (from 5 years) and large visitors. In addition to interesting and educational information about mining and underground work, treasure hunters can try their hand at working with “iron and hammer”. At the end of the tour, everyone can still dig for gems – guaranteed to make your eyes sparkle.

Augustinian Museum: Exhibition “What is Colonialism”

Who can change the world? The answer is: all of us. No matter how big or small, everyone can contribute to making life on our planet a little bit better. Being informed, learning and breaking old thought patterns is the key. It is now clear to many people that we still benefit from the oppression and exploitation of colonialism in many areas of life. However, we are often unaware that to this day we continue to reproduce prejudices and behavioral patterns. “What does colonialism really mean and where do we encounter it in our everyday lives?” You can find out together with your children from the age of 8 on the family tour of the Augustiner Museum.

What: Family management – Who owns the world?
When: 9/4/22, at 11 a.m
Where: The Augustinian Museum in Freiburg
Entrance: from €2.50

Outdoor reading on the playground

Slip right into a reading round? Or listen to a story while you polish? You can do this together with your children for outdoor reading by Stefanie Höfler. The award-winning author of children’s and youth books travels through Stühlinger’s playgrounds with his book “WALDTAGE”. There is much to discover in the forest. It crawls and crawls in bushes and trees. It cracks and rattles. You can find out what the children of the hedgehog group discover on their forays through the forest when you pass one of the protected playgrounds between three and five o’clock on September 10.

What: Outdoor reading on Stühlinger playgrounds
When: 10 September 2022, at 15.00 to 17.00
Where: Playgrounds in Stühlinger, Friedhofstrasse/Kreuzstrasse/Kirchplatz
Entrance: available

By Country Play!

Are you a big game fan, but don’t feel like playing the same board and card games from your own pool? Then you can be happy. After a two-year Corona break, the Stadt-Land-Spielt can finally take place again on September 11. At the MütZe family venue, players of all ages can try different games for free. It starts at 10 a.m. Stadt Land Spielt is a project to promote games as a cultural asset and has been organized annually since 2013 over a weekend by volunteers in over 180 cities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In Freiburg, Spieletreff invites March to the Stadt Land Spielt.

What: By Country Play!
When: 09/11/22, from
Where: Family meeting place MütZe, Hochdorfer Straße 2, 79108 Freiburg
Entrance: available
Link: www.spieletreff-march.de

Climate protection afternoon

What should we eat, how should we move and how can we minimize our CO2 footprint? What does the Paris Agreement cover, what are compensation payments and which forests are dying? And what does all this have to do with our climate? At the family afternoon in Waldhaus Freiburg, the connections are examined and explained, and finally all participants can enjoy climate protection by the campfire.

Marionette theater Petterson and Findus

Some stories just never get boring. At least not for children. Old Pettersson and his cat Findus are among them. Pettersson and Findus experience a lot of adventures in trying to cope with their everyday life. Small accidents happen to them again and again, to which they always find their own, sometimes funny, sometimes unusual solutions. The Stromboli Marionette Theater shows the adventures of the two friends for all children from the age of 2 with beautiful characters and a hand-painted scenery.

What: Marionette Theater Stromboli – Pettersson and Findus
When: 22/09/22, 16:30
Where: Theater tent at the assembly hall in Seepark
Entrance: from €8, reservation (recommended) at: marionettentheater-stromboli@web.de
or by phone: 0176 -219 820 97

Marionette theater Pippi Longstocking

And even the strongest girl in the world and her adventures, which she experiences together with her little uncle, who is not little at all, and Mr. Nielson, do not get boring. This time, Pippi must help her father, who is being held captive by pirates on the distant island of Taka-Tuka. Pippi leaves with Mr. Nielson. You can find out if they can free the king of Taka-Tuka-Land from captivity and what the pirates Blut-Svente and Messer-Jocke are looking for on the island at the marionette theater in the theater tent in Seeparken.

What: Marionette Theater Stromboli – Pippi in Taka-Tuka-Land
When: 24/09/22, 16:30
Where: Theater tent at the assembly hall in Seepark
Entrance: from €8, reservation (recommended) at: marionettentheater-stromboli@web.de
or by phone: 0176 -219 820 97

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