Now is it better to buy Lucky Block V1 or V2?

Many are currently wondering if it is better Lucky Block V1 or V2 buying. Because the new upgrade could entail great risks and opportunities. Smart investors can succeed in the current environment huge profits to earn if they are position early. You will find out below all about LBLOCK V1 and V2 as well as the possible ones Consequences for the launch of the long-awaited bridge. Read the article now to not miss anything in the development of Lucky Block!

Why was V2 introduced and what are the differences?

Lucky block

Originally Lucky Block was based on a BEP-20 tokenas meanwhile as V1 is known. In these you must 12% transaction fee be programmed, which Holders of LBLOCK tokens and Platinum Rollers NFTs are rewarded.

Of LBLOCK V1 also stands out low transaction costs and fast transfers because of it Binance SmartChain out. However, the coin’s fees should reduce speculative behavior and attract long-term investors.

However, in this context technical difficulties arose with the central crypts. To correct and Improving scalability then it was V2 as an ERC-20 token introduced.

Furthermore, V2-Coin is primarily for Used in central trading places thought. So he should for one greater distribution and thereby better liquidity concern, which again could improve stability.

In addition, V2 Lucky Block now opens a great variety of options through connectivity options. This is how it will be in the future Interactions with other smart contracts, DApps, NFTs, games, metaverses and more possible.

That’s why Lucky Block also offers Opportunity to become one of the biggest gambling operators in the metaverse. Especially NFT lotteries could for gamers and many other users a interesting new idea be. At a early positioning in a growth market then pass greater chances of success.

However, some investors have not yet decided to exchange their V1 to V2 coins. However, they are V2 much more fluid with a 6 times larger trading volume and a significant one less maximum supply.

So you can get a better overview Differences between V1 and V2 from Lucky Block, below is one overview:

Differences between Lucky Block Coins V1 and V2

coin V1 v2
To use gambling and returns trading instrument
Blockchain Binance SmartChain Ethereum
network fees Low High
coin fees 12% 0%
trading places decentralized Central
velocity Quickly Slow
rewards Yes none
Route $0.0003949 $0.002146
Launch 28/01/2022 17/08/2022
fully utilized market value $39,500,865 $7,801,016
trading volume $70,823 $471,703
Maximum supply 100 billion 3.65 billion

What happened to Lucky Block’s bridge?

Upgrade-from-Lucky-Block-V1-to-V2-and-the-consequences - better buy LBLOCK V1 or V2 now

It was announced built a bridge between the two coins must be. This then gives a price parityso for one Linking of the two courses. In addition, there is also one flawless exchange between the two tokens and blockchains planned.

Through the bridge is then when buying V1 coins, the same number of V2s are also blocked in the other network. So it also evolves Circulating supply always congruent. But there is so far more than 27 times at V1 than V2.

Investors should received 0.88 V2 tokens for every V1 in exchange. So you could e.g with an investment of 100 € which round 253,229 LBLOCK V1 respondsafter Conversion rate of 0.88 so 222,841 LBLOCK V2 to get. At a Price of $0.002146 however, these have a much higher value of 478 €.

Therefore so that the investors could reap a large profit from the launch of the bridge, as long as the rates remain in a similar relationship to each other. Should the conditions then remain the same, that would of course be the case 5.4 times cheaper V1 even after the exchange fee still with a value increase of 478 % make it much more attractive.

But then the question arises what happens if you keep the V1 coins longer holder. After all, they have to answer to the same course. Theoretically, at least, it would exist Possibility of the exchange fee being bypassed in this way. But also in terms of profit sharing, V1 seems to be the more interesting choice to be.

So far However, the bridge is not yet in operation. Because before that she had to security firms preferred by Binance Certificate checked for vulnerabilities will. This is to avoid vulnerabilities in the code like the $622 million Axie Infinity hack.

Lucky blocklist on

That so far largest listing now awaiting Lucky Block with Compared to many other trading sites, it is Coins don’t just buy their listing. Instead, they become one Exposed to the Exchange review process. It seems Lucky Block is now complete having. Trade must then take place on 1 September start on the stock exchange.

Perspectives from Lucky Block

Plus, Lucky Block still delivers many more exciting updates. Because now there is no longer only Win $1M in Bitcoin and one Lamborghini. Instead it was too many more new competitions included in the assortment. So now there is 1 million USD Dream Homes, 5 Star Vacations and NFTs by Bored Ape Yacht Club. Because of this, you probably can addresses other target groups and thus increased demand will. To A more attractive investment currently appears to be V1there with a switching fee or adaptation to V2, a return of 478% and more could be possible.

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