High technology meets tradition – research meets design, Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Mathematics ITWM, press release

In 2022, the Fraunhofer network “Science, Art and Design” invites you to the annual summer camp – and to a very special place: From 28 August to 3 September, creative students and Fraunhofer researchers will meet in the natural stone quarry in Schweinstal near Kaiserslautern, to develop innovative concepts and prototypes in an idea competition. The theme: “Future Living – High-Tech Meets Tradition”. The students are supported, among other things, by employees from the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Mathematics ITWM and the Institute for Experimental Software Engineering IESE.

How can we use regional resources to find solutions to urban transformation processes? Twelve design students are asking themselves this question together with Fraunhofer researchers at the summer camp 2022. The Kaiserslautern location offers two exciting sources of inspiration for this topic: on the one hand, the revitalization of old industrial areas on the former Pfaff site in the city center, and on the other hand natural extraction and traditional processing of sandstone in Schweinstal.

In addition to the work in a stimulating environment and the overnight stay in the natural stone quarry itself, the varied program is also a highlight of the summer camp: from specialist tricks to joint activities such as archery and a cozy bonfire evening – the selected twelve participants can look forward to an exciting week. The focus is on the idea competition, where the interdisciplinary teams deal with three topics: life, value creation and housing.

Three subject areas, three teams

For this purpose, groups of four students and two researchers are assembled to work on one of the focal points according to their interests and expertise. Students from the fields of (landscape) architecture, communication design and urban development develop an interactive concept for a new meeting place on the Pfaff grounds in the “Life” team. For the “Adding Value” team, everything revolves around the old and diverse design material sandstone. Here, students in industrial and product design develop innovative product ideas. “Make new from old – and sustainably” is the motto of the third group. The “Housing” team, consisting of students from the fields of architecture, civil engineering or industrial design, tests the innovative potential of traditional architectural models.

The students are actively supported by the Fraunhofer researchers. Matthias Klein-Schlößl from the “High Performance Computing” department and the external consultant Hans Trinkaus from Fraunhofer ITWM will be on site and provide scientific impulses. As team leader of the “Green by IT” focus, Klein-Schlößl provides valuable insight into innovative technology concepts for the use of renewable energy. Fraunhofer IESE supports the “Life” team with Lutz Eichholz, a spatial planner and involved in projects related to “Smart Region” and “Smart City” at IESE, and Yanick Behrendt-Henn, who works as a designer in “Digital Innovation Design” supports a large number of teams at the institute with its know-how, among other things in the project for the climate-neutral district, which is to be built on the former Pfaff site.

At the end of the week, the so-called “showdown” awaits: a jury evaluates the concepts and prototypes that have been developed and awards them team prizes. The first-placed group can look forward to 4,000 euros. However, the winners of second and third place do not leave empty-handed either: 3,000 and 2,000 euros await the second and third places. The money goes to the student participants.

Spectacular finish at the quarry

Not only the participants of the summer camp can look forward to this point on the programme: 2 and 3 September there is »KlangRaumStille« in Schweinstal – an exciting offer of sound workshops, performances and light installations. The intermediate art event starts at 21:00 and is part of the wolkenhain.aktionen 22, organized by the artist Ingo Bracke. ITWM consultant Hans Trinkaus brings the scientific aspect to the event with the topic “EEG exploration”.

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