Disq survey: These are the most popular car insurance companies in 2022

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Price comparisons and switching providers offer the opportunity to potentially achieve cost savings in car insurance.

According to a Disq survey, customers are generally satisfied with their car insurance. However, there is criticism in the area of ​​claims settlement. The most popular car insurance company from the point of view of customers is not a big surprise.

The changing season will start again soon. Price comparisons and switching providers offer the opportunity to potentially achieve cost savings in car insurance. But the price alone is not the decisive factor: both direct and branch insurance companies can rely on satisfied customers in many areas. This is shown by the current survey from the German Institute for Service Quality on behalf of the news channel ntv. The customer survey via an online access panel included 3,759 ratings from consumers with car insurance.

Prices and services in focus

Despite visible differences in the individual assessment areas, the motor industry and the direct insurers achieve good results on average. Striking: Overall, the direct insurers perform slightly better in all areas than the motor vehicle insurers with an intermediary network. Only two direct insurance companies, Cosmos Direkt and Huk 24, achieved the customer rating “very good”.

A good ratio between price and performance is not only an important reason for many respondents when choosing an insurance company, but also ensures a high degree of customer satisfaction. This aspect is rated best by customers of both direct and branch insurance companies.

Good service marks

Around 84 per cent of those surveyed at the branch insurance companies were generally satisfied with the service – this even applies to more than 85 per cent of the customers at the direct insurance companies. The branch insurance companies score particularly well with the personal on-site advice, the direct insurance companies mostly with the telephone service.

The often price-sensitive customers with direct insurance are also more willing to switch: More than one in four respondents said they had switched providers within the past three years or planned to switch providers soon. This proportion is only half as high for branch insurance companies. The industry is well positioned, which at the same time opens up many opportunities for change. Another result is therefore interesting: Of the respondents who have already had a claim, over 30 percent are not satisfied with the settlement. Such an experience can quickly become a reason for a change.

Ranking of the motor industry’s insurance companies

With the “good” quality rating, Huk-Coburg achieved first place among the motor industry’s insurance companies. With regard to service and contractual services, the company came first with 87.6 percent and 87.3 percent positive ratings respectively. The share of nuisances is below three percent, the lowest of the industry insurance companies. In addition, respondents expressed a high willingness to recommend: Net Promoter Score is plus 41.8.

Second place goes to LVM. The price-performance ratio emerges here as a guarantee of satisfaction – just under 94 percent of the respondents are satisfied with this (rank one). LVM is also in the top 3 when it comes to contractual services and service. In addition, customers are very willing to recommend the company (NPS: plus 44.0).

WGV follows in third place (quality rating: “good”). The company achieves high scores in all areas examined. For example, customer reviews of the service are positive in almost 87 percent of cases. WGV also stands out when it comes to annoyances: only 4.5 percent of respondents said they had had negative experiences with the provider.

Other car insurance companies with at least 100 customer reviews (alphabetically): ADAC Autoversicherung, Allianz, Axa, Continentale, Debeka, DEVK, ErgoGenerali Germany, GothaerHDI, Itzehoer, Mecklenburg, Provincial, R+V, Signal Iduna, SV Sparkassen Versicherung, Versicherungskammer Bayern, VGH, VHV and Württembergische.

Top 3 direct vehicle insurance companies

The most popular direct vehicle insurance company is called Cosmos Direkt (quality rating: “very good”). In all areas, the company is ahead of the other direct insurance companies and, for example, has more than 92 percent satisfied or even very satisfied customers for contract services. In addition, less than two percent of those surveyed answered that they had ever been annoyed with the insurance company. In addition, the willingness to recommend the company is high with a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of plus 54.5.

Huk 24 is in second place, also with a very good result. Almost 95 percent of respondents were satisfied with the price-performance ratio; the service is assessed positively in almost 94 percent of the cases (second place in each case). Only around three percent of customers report an irritation they have experienced. The high willingness to recommend (NPS = plus 45.5) also contributes to the positive result.

Sparkassen’s direct insurance (quality rating: “good”) takes third place. In terms of contractual benefits, over 32 percent of respondents chose the best possible response option of “very satisfied” – no direct insurer did better on this score. In addition, the provider’s service ensures high customer satisfaction (third best value in comparison).

Other direct motor insurance companies with at least 100 customer reviews (in alphabetical order): AdmiralDirekt.de, Allianz Direct, DA Direkt, Europa, Friday and Verti.


The customer survey via an online access panel included 3,759 ratings from consumers with car insurance. The panel survey focused on customer opinions on aspects of value for money, contractual services and service. In addition, the willingness to recommend and customer concerns were included in the overall assessment. In the individual evaluation, all companies on which at least 100 customers had commented were taken into account. This concerned 23 car insurance companies (with an intermediary network) and nine direct motor insurance companies.

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