Summoner’s Cup – This is what the new LoL cup looks like

Riot Games has revealed the design of the new Summoner’s Cup, but fans aren’t thrilled.

The Lol World Championship is fast approaching, and as more and more teams qualify, Riot Games has given the trophy a makeover. The new design has now been released along with a minute and a half trailer, which has created mixed feelings among fans on Twitter.




The new look

Instead of the round, bulbous design of the traditional cup, the new Summoner’s Cup has a more angular, modern look. The new minimalist look is less detailed, but the names of the former world champions are now engraved on the base of the trophy. From Fnatic in 2011 to Edward Gaming in 2021, all of the game’s winners have been immortalized at the Summoner’s Cup.

The sides are decorated with 5 silver bars. They are said to symbolize the five positions in League of Legends. Each bar is adorned with a reel logo and is meant to reinforce the five united as one concept under which the trailer was released.

The new design was created in collaboration with the jewelery brand Tiffany & Co. The brand also designed the LPL’s Silver Dragon Cup, which was unveiled last season.

The worst trophy in sports history?

On Twitter, the fans are not exactly thrilled. Many criticize the simple design and want a return to the original trophy.

But there are also fans of the new look.

The trophy in action

The Summoner’s Cup will make its debut at this year’s edition of the League World Championship. The trophy will also appear in-game from September 20th when patch 12.18 is released. The new Summoner’s Cup design was first leaked on the League PBE in the form of a ward skin.

The League of Legends World Championship begins on September 29. The winning team can then hold up the trophy on November 5 at the final in San Francisco.

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Image credit: Tiffany & Co

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