ZDF thriller about children of rich parents: Laim and the rabbit heart

Dhe children of the powerful and super-rich have an incredibly difficult time in life, as the German TV movie seems to have established in the law of nature. In any case, it is more difficult than the offspring of financially insecure conditions, where the parents, mostly single mothers, have a disproportionately strong mentality. Note: money should not make you happy. Dramaturgical fall height is more simply due to contrasts, and the thought-provoking effort to cope with both-and-characters and moral shades of gray is something that especially TV crime products like to relieve the viewers in this country.

The premise of the fifth thriller about the enfant terrible of the Munich murder commission, Lukas Laim (Max Simonischek), is also pure cliché. Shortly before the state election, the daughter of the promising prime minister candidate Maximilian Kronberger (Thomas Loibl) is kidnapped. The same evening that Kronberger kept his rich supporters happy with right-wing populist slogans during an election campaign champagne party.

The candidate promotes populism

The top candidate for the “Bayern Conservatives Party” – whose motto is “Bavaria here and now” – raged against impunity for abortions. Lukas Laim, pale as a vampire under his black hair, dressed in a “Matrix” commemorative cape, also attended the exclusive event. Involuntary, but mandatory, to make a campaign donation from the recently deceased mother. The only listener who has as little appetite for sloganeering as Laim is Anna Jacobi (Marie Leuenberger), a pregnancy conflict counselor. Investigator Laim, a member of Munich’s upper class by birth and an avenger of the disinherited by conviction, will later learn from her what the abolition of section 219a and the course of the consultation are all about. Meanwhile, he pays a prostitute (Vanessa Eckhart) a thousand euros to talk at length about his complicated mother. Poor rich kid.

Check transfer, reluctantly: Thomas Loibl (TV) and Max Simonischek.

Image: ZDF and Michael Marhoffer

While time is running out, as in “Laim und das Hasenherz”, five days run back to the first crime finale, which is followed by another open ending. Because Karoline (Lilia Hermann), Kronberger and his wife Barbara’s (Adina Vetter) only child, accidentally pregnant and secretly deciding to have an abortion, is held captive on an abandoned farm. Together with the daughter of the noble clientele plastic surgeon Hannes Baumann (Martin Brambach), who is quickly found dead in the trash. The son of Alois Schwarz (Stefan Merki), owner of a thriving security company, takes her place in prison.

The perpetrator wants confessions. What happened 25 years ago and what connects the three men? When Laim and his colleague Anton Simhandl (Gerhard Wittmann) got the go-ahead from the boss (Heinz-Josef Braun) for further investigations, when they put aside the obligatory Che Guevara picture and joints in Kronberger’s daughter’s Olympiapark room, but above all as. When they discover that the killer drug is a late-stage abortion compound, the case takes a turn that could be peculiar. Is the kidnapping of the three children about the actions of radicalized opponents of abortion? Should Karoline be forced to continue her pregnancy?

The resolution shows that the script by Catharina Steiner and Scott Perlman and the direction by Michael Schneider are not particularly interested in nuances and quirks. Above all, it is a shame for a possible depth of the story – which Senta Berger as Eva Prohacek achieved again and again in the series “Under Suspicion” in a similar social atmosphere – that the role of the mothers of the kidnapped rich children is largely omitted. Two of the three abduction victims are motherless. Adina Vetter, who is worth watching as the wife of the politician Kronberger, only gets one scene, otherwise she stands around on the edge looking embarrassed. But when she has to appear in pathology, her facial expressions and gestures reflect all the ambivalence and conflicts between the role of the politician’s wife and mother figure (camera Andreas Zickgraf), which “Laim und das Hasenherz” otherwise lacks.

Lime and the rabbit heart runs today at 20.15 on ZDF.

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