FSD does not recognize children – testers should delete videos

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In a test, Tesla’s FSD system missed children’s dolls and ran over them – now the car manufacturer demands that the videos of them be deleted

Update from 29 August 2022 at 15.40: Tesla defends itself against criticism of its “Full Self-Driving” (FSD) system from “The Dawn Project”. The electric car maker has asked the group to remove videos showing a child’s doll being run over by a Tesla with FSD enabled, Reuters reports. The producer called the clips “defamatory” and “misleading”.

Tesla’s cease and desist letter was published by The Dawn Project on its website. “The alleged tests abuse and misrepresent the capabilities of Tesla technology and ignore widely recognized independent agency tests and the experiences our customers have had,” it said. The tests performed are “probably fraudulent”. Tesla threatened legal action.

The not uncontroversial founder of “The Dawn Project”, Dan O’Dowd, described the Tesla letter as the “most bizarre cease and desist letter” he had ever seen. “Our tests are completely legitimate and not misleading,” writes O’Dowd. “We provided the raw data and obtained and made available statements from the participants.” Tesla’s document was pure “marketing propaganda.”

First report from 11 August 2022 at 11:39 a.m.: Both the “Autopilot” and the more expensive “Full Self-Driving” (FSD) bring Tesla criticism again and again. Accidents happen again and again because the drivers have complete trust in the systems, even though they are strictly just driving assistants. As a result, Tesla was sued by the US authorities in California for misleading advertising. Elon Musk (52) is so convinced of FSD that he has his customers test the beta version on public roads. Users repeatedly demonstrate how dangerous this is with videos. This is also the case with “The Dawn Project”, which wants to draw attention to the dangers for children.

This is said not to correctly recognize Tesla’s “Full Self-Driving” and thus poses a deadly danger to children, the indictment reads. For the tests, a child-sized mannequin was placed on the street and a Tesla with FSD activated drove towards it at 40 km/h.

Tesla’s full self-driving is repeatedly criticized. (Icon images) © Tesla

Tesla: Full Self-Driving does not recognize children

The results of these tests are quite sobering: Not once does the Tesla brake for the child. Similar results have already been obtained from other tests where children were also not recognized. For example, the system also has problems recognizing dogs and cats.

“Elon Musk claims the FSD software is amazing,” The Dawn Project founder Dan O’Dowd explains in the short clip, adding, “But it’s not!” Much more, “Full Self-Driving” is a danger to all Americans. The tests must show the vulnerabilities and thus put pressure on American politicians to ban the function. Until Tesla’s electric cars “don’t knock kids down anymore,” O’Dowd wrote on Twitter.

Tesla: Full Self-driving under criticism

But the founder of “The Dawn Project”, which will ensure a safe interaction between people and computers, is also criticized. The reason: He has a company active in self-driving cars. However, O’Dowd emphasizes that there is no competition with Tesla and that the automakers use only a few components of his company’s software.

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The numerous accidents prove that the criticism of the Tesla FSD system is not unfounded. Therefore, the US traffic authority NHTSA is also investigating a connection. In Germany, the American manufacturer even had to refund a customer because a court deemed the software too dangerous.

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