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Product Report | 29/08/2022

Functional diversity, attractive design lines and sustainability due to its stability on the market: the Gira System 55 has stood for these characteristics since its launch in 1998. The diverse modular system of modern construction technology offers solutions for almost all areas of application – always based on the uniform 55 basic size.

Gira built-in video house station Plus, with TFT color display and convenient touch operation for door communication and security

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The practical and proven basic principle with frames and inserts that can be combined in any way has always made work easier for specialists: for advice, planning, logistics and assembly. In addition, there is a wide range of application possibilities, where both customers and installers can trust that practically all requirements in the building will be met.

Growing modular system

Since its introduction, Gira has continuously developed System 55. Today there are more than 300 functions for extremely individual installation solutions in privately used real estate, commercial and office buildings, hospitals, care facilities, schools, universities and hotels. The wide range of functions covers all imaginable areas of application:


Electrical installations are becoming more complex, applications are more diverse and customer demands for comfort are increasing. Gira accompanies and supports electricians with innovative and sensible solutions for everything to do with System 55. The wide range of products meets almost all electromechanical requirements: From the simple socket, to dimmers, products for light control, sound solutions, to the innovative Gira System 3000 touch essay.

Gira System 55

Large selection of products in System 55 from Gira: From the simple socket to dimmers or products for lighting control

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Heating, ventilation, air conditioning and communication technology

Heating and cooling for homes and businesses is becoming more and more expensive as energy prices continue to rise. Effective climate control is therefore more important than ever. Customers want a high level of room comfort – at the lowest possible price. The solutions in Gira System 55 offer manual or automated temperature control for this.

Multimedia, network, data

From home cinema to home office. From data transfer to comprehensive communication solutions in commercial buildings: The multimedia and network connections in the Gira System 55 offer digital and analog interfaces for all common applications in the field of multimedia and networking.

From the customer’s point of view, however, everything must not only function smoothly, but also look good. System 55 also makes this possible: Many connections can be built in so that they match the design of the entire electrical installation.

Gira System 55

The multimedia and network connections in the Gira System 55 offer digital and analog interfaces for all common applications in the field of multimedia and networking

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Door communication and security

The Gira door communication system reliably helps with access control indoors and outdoors. If this part of the electrical installation is also to be carried out in the desired switch area, customers and trade will find the right variants in Gira System 55: For example, Keyless In for keyless access control via fingerprint. Or the Gira built-in video home station Plus with TFT color display and practical touch control.

Safety with comfort and design

People’s need for security is particularly great within their own four walls. Here you just want to feel safe and secure. The corresponding functions of the Gira System 55 combine safety with comfort and design: smoke detectors, video surveillance solutions, orientation lights or the Gira bathroom and toilet emergency call set. Those who need help activate a signal light with a buzzer outside the sanitary area using the long pull cord, thereby immediately drawing attention to their situation. The SCHUKO socket with LED orientation light provides a better overview and safer walking in dark rooms.

smart home

There is hardly a new building that is built today without a smart home system. With Gira System 55, customer objects become sustainable. Because of course a smart home can also be controlled with Gira switch series. With operating elements from the classic button to the versatile push button sensor 3. It combines several functions from different subjects, such as lights and blinds. In this way, users control their Smart Home not only via touchscreens and apps, but also simply by pressing a button.

Gira System 55

Smart home control with Gira switch series.

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Built-in sustainability

An investment in the Gira System 55 is an investment with foresight. Because the system convinces customers quickly – but also in the long term with its expansion options.

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