Fighting vandalism is a wasted effort

WWhen Frankfurters return from visits to other cities, they often report enthusiastically how clean the squares and streets are. Düsseldorf or Hamburg are cities that usually leave a good impression and show the returnee even more how dingy it is in many corners of the hometown.

Our city must become more beautiful – which Frankfurter who cares about the city would not immediately agree to this demand. The main railway station, blessed with beautiful architecture, has been a source of shame for years, especially on the lower floors. It often does not look better at the metro and S-Bahn stations in the districts. Because there are cigarette butts and litter, the walls and floors are smeared.

According to their own statements, at least Deutsche Bahn is now working to make train stations “clean and comfortable” for all travelers. And don’t be fooled. Some people who regularly get on and off here rubbed their eyes on Galluswarte recently. Because here, at one of the busiest S-Bahn stations in Frankfurt, the railway has set up seating furniture of a quality class that has not been seen so often on platforms before: Benches with seats and so-called standing aids with bases that can be leaned on. on made of thick, light solid wooden boards, the substructure made of powder-coated steel.

36 million euros damage from graffiti and vandalism

“Calidum” is the name of the series in the friendly design, whose construction has already been criticized elsewhere for the fact that the homeless could not stretch out on it due to armrests and wooden blocks. As the railway informed upon inquiry, the design was developed in collaboration with the Dutch office Blom & Moors. The company does not disclose the costs.

The furniture is conspicuous and an information board above it with the message “This platform is being remodeled for you. More quality of stay & more freedom” would probably not have been necessary. Unfortunately, even this did not succeed in dissuading the contemporaries, who apparently do not know much about the concept of quality of residence. Because the integrity phase, where it was still really fun to sit, only lasted a few days. Some areas are now completely covered in graffiti, with messages and figures sprayed or written in bold letters. And then the beautiful seating furniture looks rotten again after a short time. Frankfurt should become more beautiful? Unfortunately, you can forget that at Galluswarte.

Perhaps Deutsche Bahn, which says it will install and test the furniture range at other “highly frequented stations” because of the good customer acceptance, has better luck elsewhere. Just in light of the €36 million in damage the company suffered from graffiti and vandalism last year, the question arises whether the money would not be better invested in high-pressure cleaners.

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