Interview: Singer Vehicle Design founder Robert Dickinson: We have different options

Interview: Singer Vehicle Design founder Robert Dickinson
We have different options

Singer Vehicle Design Turbo Study Porsche 911

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Robert Dickinson became world famous with his creations of the Porsche 964. In an interview, the Singer founder reveals where the journey is heading. Whether there will be an electric Singer or whether Singer builds cars himself and that Singer is not married to Porsche.

Question: Singer is now introducing a turbo studio and a convertible has been announced. What’s next? Robert Dickinson: I can’t reveal too much yet, but I’m currently modeling the tone of the next Singer-amplified Porsche. The car will be unveiled at Monterey Car Week next year, another big step for us and another celebration of the Porsche 911. The fact is: For us, the Porsche 911 is the most important sports car in the world. Question: What distinguishes a Singer Porsche from other Restomod models? Dickinson: Many others follow our example. But these companies celebrate themselves and not the car. Everything Singer wants to do with a Porsche 911 going forward will be something with the car at its core, not building something that hasn’t existed before. Question: What’s next? Does the 964 series remain the foundation of Singer creations? Dickinson: Our plan for the next five years is in place. And the Porsche 964 will always be the basis for our Reimagined models. To me, the Porsche 964 is the quintessential air-cooled Porsche 911, but ironically not the most visually successful. We understand the car quite well and the focus on the 964 series is correct. That’s why we’re staying true to this model for the next five years. Question: And after these five years? There are other exciting air-cooled Porsches like the 993 or 996… Dickinson: I think after the time we did everything we could for the Porsche 911. Question: Oh, that sounds exciting. Will it then continue electrically? Dickinson: No one has asked us to do a project like this before, and we’re not particularly keen on doing it on our own. But that doesn’t mean I don’t find an electric drive interesting. But not for the Porsche 911. Question: Are you cheating on Porsche? Dickinson: That’s one of the questions we ask ourselves. Should we continue with Porsches? Are we building our own car with a Singer badge on the front? We have different options. Q: Developing and producing your own car is quite ambitious… Dickinson: Yes, that’s right. That would be a billion dollar endeavor. But I don’t think raising the money would be a problem for us. The central question is whether it makes sense for Singer to become a producer. But I can assure you that Singer will not become a technology company. If we go in this direction, we will work with the best. So with people like Mate Rimac, Peter Rawlinson or Elon Musk, with whom we have an excellent relationship. Q: That sounds a lot like electrification… Dickinson: We’re very interested in battery technology and the speed at which batteries are becoming lighter, more powerful and more compact. Electric cars are currently still too heavy, but that will change. I also believe that synthetic fuel will be part of our future. We follow developments very closely and know where the journey will take us over the next two to five years. Question: What are the qualities that will define a singer in the future? Dickinson: The low weight we achieve with new innovative technologies and materials will be very important. A singer must be exclusive and perfect down to the smallest detail. But one thing is very important: it doesn’t matter what we do. The car should trigger a desire reflex as soon as you see it.

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