Hotel and camping without children: Providers are also criticized

Hotel and camping without children: Providers are also criticized

A poster provides information about the adult camping concept at the entrance to the Erzgebirge forest camping site in Amtsberg.

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Holidays without the noise of children: The range of campsites or hotels for adults only is manageable in Saxony.

Bad Elster. Surrounded by fir trees, it must remain calm and quiet in the square. Noise and bustle are not welcome at «Waldcamping Erzgebirge» in Amtsberg (Erzgebirge district).

Since last year, the operators have made a conscious decision to declare the 70 pitches and nine permanent accommodations child-free zone. “We have had to take a lot of criticism since then. But we could also welcome new visitors who came especially for this purpose,’ says owner Michael Scheibner.

Sleepless nights and unattended children

Mainly health reasons led to the decision. The Scheibner family started more than 20 years ago as a family campsite – with bouncy cushions and entertainment for the little ones. “But the quality has suffered for a number of years. Noisy children often robbed us of our sleep,’ complains Scheibner, who also lives on the premises with his family. Lack of peace, even at night or early in the morning, unsupervised children damaging things and unreasonable parents have increasingly led to problems.

“Now we want to address a new target group. It’s people looking for peace and quiet, teachers and pedagogues also come,” says Scheibner. But anger soon arose. “Our ratings on the internet have gotten worse, many critics have never been to us.” The number of overnight stays has also fallen sharply, at the officially first child-free campsite in Saxony. For the first time in over 20 years, operations in 2022 were no longer economical. In addition, according to Scheibner, the Erzgebirge and the entire region currently have a bad reputation among tourists from other federal states.

Clear communication and serenity

The demand for child-free holidays in Saxony is basically there, explains Axel Klein, general manager of the hotel and in the Free State. «Offers for specific target groups are absolutely legitimate. The desire for peace or an undisturbed evening is also understandable.” Couples who are parents themselves would also like to take advantage of this. “It is important that innkeepers or hoteliers communicate the offer clearly.” In general, Klein advises keeping calm on the subject, which has heated some tempers. “It’s not about a target group feeling attacked.” There are many other offers in Saxony for families with children.

The (Erzgebirgskreis) aims its program at peace-seeking, wellness and active holidaymakers from the age of 14. “We want to offer parents and childless couples the opportunity to enjoy a holiday without children. The concept is already widespread in southern Europe, so we would also like to offer that trend in the Ore Mountains,” explains marketing director Julian Mieske. He talks about a lot of positive feedback .

Mieske emphasizes that the house can be seen as an addition to the chain’s family hotel in the same location. “Regardless of the crisis of the past three years, we are satisfied with the development of our adult-only hotel and will continue to invest in this concept in the future.” In addition, the group operates six family hotels in Germany.

Saltwater pools are taboo for children under 14

Health reasons at Soletherme Bad Elster in Vogtland meant that only people aged 14 and over were allowed in the three pools with different levels of brine, said Steffi Schlosser, spokeswoman for Saxon State Baths GmbH. The age limit was defined by scientists. «The child-free area in Soletherme benefits our concept of rest and relaxation. The guests understand that, and the decision has paid off.”

Children should be protected from the strong effects of brine which, if swallowed, can cause them to vomit or have diarrhoea. With a brine content of 15 percent, you can float in the salt lake in the thermal baths like in the Dead Sea. Otherwise, children are welcome in the facilities of Saxon State Baths GmbH – for example in the city’s bathing and sauna area. (dpa)

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