6 creative paper ideas for children

Almost all parents have experienced that the packaging suited the little ones better than the gift. With a little imagination, cardboard boxes can instantly become trains, ships, planes, houses and much more. It’s almost in children’s blood to fiddle with cardboard. Here I show you what you can create together from cardboard. So it’s worth picking up!

Basic equipment for crafts with cardboard

Making toys out of cardboard is not only sustainable, but also cheap. Just look at the craft supplies you have in stock and then think about what you can do with them. In addition to cardboard rolls and boxes of all kinds, you can certainly have:

Craft idea with cardboard: marble run

A super cool craft idea because you can really enjoy it for a long time afterwards. And all you need is a large, flat box and a few empty toilet or kitchen rolls.

Here’s how it goes:

  1. Remove the top side of your box.
  2. Think of some kind of track through which you want to guide a ball inside the box and then glue the rollers with hot glue. If you want to use the game longer, you can color the roles. We glued some washi tape.
  3. Then you only need a hole at the beginning and end of the marble run through which a marble fits.
Skills are required here!

You can also draw arrows if you have to follow a specific order or write numbers on the wheels. Your kids can definitely train their dexterity and patience with the cardboard game – it can get loud at times because the marble doesn’t always do what it’s supposed to!

Here are more ideas for fun games you can make yourself:

Robots mess with cardboard and cardboard

A very popular craft object with children and also very grateful because the possibilities are truly limitless. In addition to boxes and cardboard rolls, you can really use a lot of what you have lying around, such as cans, lids or perhaps old cutlery. Otherwise, you only need aluminum foil.

Here’s how it goes:

  1. For the body, take a medium-sized cardboard box, coat it with glue and then cover it with aluminum foil.
  2. The head is made from a much smaller cardboard box. I had a small box of chocolates left for it. You can style it with anything that shines or looks like metal. I used gold masking tape and gold glitter craft paper.
  3. Bottle caps can be used as eyes. They hold well with a dab of hot glue.
  4. Toilet rolls and kitchen rolls are good for legs and arms. We decorated it with the same materials as the head.
  5. Then glue everything to the body with hot glue. Depending on the shape of the box, you must attach the legs in such a way that the robot can keep its balance.
Crafts with cardboard
Robots are real craft classics!

By the way, you can do many other good things with bottle caps:

Plays with large cardboard boxes
Plays with large cardboard boxes

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Make your own cardboard camera

Before children themselves get technical devices, they also like to play with handmade alternatives. The most important thing is that they can imitate mom and dad. You can easily make a camera with your loved ones from a small, flat box – the kind that often comes in the house as a shipment.

Here’s how it goes:

  1. Cover the front with a nice piece of paper if there are address signs or the like.
  2. Cut a piece about two centimeters thick from a toilet roll, which you glue to the center front like a lens.
  3. You can make the trigger from a piece of cork or a plastic cap.
  4. Then only one wire is missing. I just pushed the ends in with the tabs. If it doesn’t stick to you, use a dab of hot glue.
Crafts with cardboard
Done in no time: Camera made from a small box.

Even though my daughter already has a real kids camera, she played with her new camera several times today. Cardboard toys seem to retain their fascination for a long time.

Please smile – and CLICK!

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Cardboard craft idea: puppet show

If you have a large box at home, you can really get creative with it and build a large puppet theater. We only had little ones ready, so we tried a mini theater for finger puppets. Besides the cardboard, you only need a small piece of fabric and some decorations.

And this is how it goes:

  1. Cut out a large rectangle from the bottom of your box.
  2. Measure two equal pieces from a piece of fabric that together is slightly larger than the rectangle you have cut out.
  3. Cut and glue over your rectangle from the back.
  4. With two pieces of string you can tie the theater curtain together at the bottom during the performance.
  5. My little one just let off steam with the decoration. Of course, you can also write or draw something on it.
Crafts with cardboard
Clear the stage for your finger puppets!
BILLMOSS Finger Puppets 10 pcs Animal Plush Hand Puppet for Baby Story Time
BILLMOSS Finger Puppets 10 pcs Animal Plush Hand Puppet for Baby Story Time

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Puppet theater with children
Puppet theater with children

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Make a doll house to go out of the shoe box

With several boxes, you can build beautiful multi-storey dollhouses for your home. If you happen to have one of those shoe boxes that you can pull out, you can use it to make a dollhouse on the go instead. It is best to collect mini cartons or boxes for a while because you can use them to create beds, cabinets, shelves and more.

fun on the go.

A real favorite in our nursery has been a dollhouse for a few months that I built from an antique drawer. You can read how and other ideas for upcycling drawers here:

Create a beautiful cardboard toy box

I always have boxes with lids. You can really use them often! We use them to help organize nursery shelves, craft drawers and in the hallway, among other things. Of course, we don’t just set up old shoe boxes, but design them in advance to your heart’s content. Motif paper can be used as well as washi tape, postcards or small pictures that I cut out of old calendars.

Crafts with cardboard
Make organizers out of cardboard.

Your little ones will be happy to hide their odds and ends in such a pretty box, right? The smart boxes can also be stacked.

Let your imagination run wild!

You need smaller boxes and don’t have any? Then quickly fold them yourself with these step-by-step instructions:

Tina Hoffmann

Conclusion about tinkering with cardboard

Cardboard and cardboard, like paper, are some of my favorite things to make with crafts. The material can’t always be avoided, but you can at least continue to use it this way. There is also almost no cost. At best, your kids will not only be creative and excited to design, but can also play with it afterwards. And especially small children hardly make a difference between these sustainable things and purchased toys.

Looking for even more inspiration? Here are more craft texts with cardboard and paper:

You can find even more great DIY ideas in our video:

Which wall color suits you and your family?

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