AVM FritzFon X6: Smart landline phone for FritzBox

Landlines, do they still exist? Yes, not least thanks to the home office boom. But when AVM shows a new FritzFon, it should be clear: This is about much more than just making calls. In fact, the FritzFon models have now become a kind of remote control for the FritzBox and also provide a number of smart functions and practical extras without wanting to compete with the smartphone.

FritzFon X6: design and display

With the appearance of the X series, of which the X6 is the first model, AVM has sharpened the design. Compared to the popular FritzFon C6, the design is more angular. In contrast to classic cordless phones, AVM has for a long time used high-quality TFT color screens in the FritzFon series. With the FritzFon X6, which has a diagonal of 2.4 inches, this is slightly larger than with the C6. New is also an additional favorite button on the page, which can be freely assigned with shortcuts.

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DECT phone with HD sound and eco radio

The FritzFon X6 is a full-fledged DECT telephone with HD telephony and hands-free function. It comes with a slim charging cradle, but without its own base. Because any FritzBox with a built-in DECT base functions as a DECT base (on board virtually all current FritzBox models). According to AVM, the DECT voice transmission is securely encrypted from the factory. The FritzFon supports the FritzBox’s options to reduce the DECT transmission power, which works without problems, at least in smaller apartments, despite the reduction in range. In the optional “DECT Eco” mode, the transmission current is cut off completely as soon as there is no call in progress and all connected telephones are in standby (all devices must support this function, which is the case with the FritzFon and virtually all Gigaset handsets. In Eco mode, the phones are only woken up when a call comes in, so the first ring is “swallowed” Up to five answering machines and several phone books can be used via FritzBox Proximity sensors turn off the display when the handset is held to the ear, e.g. used for smartphones.

FritzFon X6

FritzFon X6 with 2.4 inch TFT color screen.

FritzFon X6: weather, WLAN, baby monitor and more

In combination with the FritzBox, the FritzFon X6 – like all FritzFon models – gets all sorts of smart functions. Due to the larger screen, these should come into their own on the FritzFon X6:

  • Display of weather information, appointments
  • Playback of internet radio stations (configuration via FritzBox) via the internal speaker
  • The guest WiFi network’s QR code makes it easy for guests to use WiFi securely
  • FritzBox remote control: Switch WLAN on/off
  • Control the FritzBox media server (music, photos) even when playing on a TV/network player/WLAN speaker
  • baby alarm function
  • Smartphone phone book can be synchronized via a Google account, for example
  • Display of compatible video intercom systems

FritzFon X6: release, price

The FritzFon X6 will be presented to the public for the first time at IFA 2022. However, sales will only start in the 4th quarter of 2022, i.e. in good time for the Christmas business. The price of €89 (RRP) is €10 higher than the previous RRP of the C6.

Alternative: test winner FritzFon C6

In addition to the larger display, the favorite button and the changed design, the FritzFon C6 offers the same functions. It is commercially available for around 80 euros and came out on top in the last major DECT cordless phone test.

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