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Practical features packed in a harmonious design: The new Bespoke French Door refrigerators with the interior Beverage Center and Dual Auto Ice Maker provide quick access to cold drinks, while the FlexZone keeps food at the right temperature so it stays fresh for as long as possible. The French door will be presented for the first time at IFA 2022. The new model will be available in the colors Clean White combined with Clean Navy. Custom models and panels in new colors will also be on display at IFA.

Samsung expands the Bespoke range and brings even more color into the kitchen.

“Whether it’s inside or outside: our customized refrigerators are designed to meet the very individual needs of our customers,” says Katharina Visic, Head of Product Management at Samsung Electronics. “With their large doors, the new Bespoke French Door models offer easy access to food and in other cool designs that, like all Bespoke fridges, fit perfectly into modern, individual kitchens.”

The dual water dispenser is the heart of the beverage center. It dispenses filtered, chilled water – both at the push of a button and in the automatically refilling BPA-free jug. Thanks to the aroma infuser, which is also integrated, the cooled water can then be refined as desired – for example with fresh peppermint, lemon or ginger. This turns water into a tasty drink in no time at all. The Dual Ice Maker also supplies two different types of ice cubes for a wide variety of drinks. Ice Bites are particularly practical as they can keep drinks cool for a long time thanks to their smaller diameter. In combination with the Beverage Centre, you are prepared for every occasion.

Great design, literally

Two large double doors! So you can quickly grab what you want and immediately get a good overview of what is still there. The French door combines its impressive shape with large capacity and a beautiful design that immediately catches the eye. At the same time, it brings color into the kitchen following a trend that has developed in light of the limitations of recent years: people spend more time at home and in their kitchen and want to design this retreat individually. With the expansion of the Bespoke series, the French door can be flexibly adapted to the customer’s individual preferences and living conditions thanks to its size, configuration options and colors.

Fresh and flexibly cool for a long time

The Cool Select+ zone, equipped with its own cooling circuit, serves to flexibly expand the cooling area. It can be used for gentle defrosting or as a freezer area that keeps food fresh with moisture.

No Frost+ means more than never defrosting again. The moisture is directed outwards, preventing thick layers of eggs inside the unit. No drops of water or ice form on the back wall either. With a paneled rear wall, they can also be placed close to the wall to save space.

Colorful, really colorful, tailored

The new Bespoke French Door refrigerator from Samsung will be available in Germany from October 2022 in a 4-door version in the colors Clean White combined with Clean Navy. It is WiFi-enabled, which means its operation and energy consumption can be monitored via an app.

The already available Bespoke models are still available in the colors Clean Black, Clean Navy, Cotta Beige, Stainless Steel Look, Premium Black Steel, Satin Beige and Satin Sky Blue. Clean Vanilla and Clean Peach colors will be added in the fourth quarter of 2022.

The new colored panels also allow for more sustainability. Because it doesn’t always have to be a new appliance to bring a breath of fresh air into the kitchen. Sometimes it is enough to change the color of the refrigerator door. The new panels in the colors Clean White, Clean Peach, Clean Vanilla, Satin Beige and Satin Sky Blue will also go on sale in the fourth quarter of 2022.

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