Oktoberfest Munich: Cheap with children over Wiesn – Munich

Every Tuesday is family day at the Wiesn: rides reduce their prices until This is especially good for parents whose offspring have long outgrown the “Oh, how cute, what’s his name?” age and want to ride every slide on the fairgrounds three times. What would come close to a nice short break in price if you gave in to all these desires. Family Day is an opportunity for a more peaceful coexistence. One or the other almost whiplash to gruesome techno music is cheaper there.

If the offspring are so small that they simply look adorable in their cousin’s costume, which doesn’t quite match yet, there are a number of special offers for them. On family days, but also around it.

Highlights for children at Oidn Wiesn

Oide Wiesn is always a good place to go with children. But especially during the week. At the weekend, all the city’s families come up with the idea of ​​taking a leisurely stroll there, which may mean that the parents at the carousel don’t always get a good angle to take a decent photo of Greta, Carl, Emma and Linus on their shooting trip on the retro horse. And that, even though they had to stand in line for quite a long time at Oidn Wiesn. Only on weekends, mind you.

Admission to Oidn Wiesn costs four euros for adults (from 14 years), nothing for children, and all rides from the children’s carousel to the chain flyers cost only one euro.

in museum tent you can see pretty cool Oktoberfest displays like old showmen’s wagons. Since 2019, the tent has also had a bowling alley (free for children, adults 2.50 euros for three bowls). The bowling alley can also be booked for half an hour under telephone number 0171/5404536. In and in front of the museum tent, there is a separate children’s program with crafts, trouser race, beer mug slalom, juggling and unicycling. For the first time this year, children and young people even have shilling money available. They can also test their knowledge of Bavarian in a hidden object game and learn about the history of showmanship. Anyone who answers all questions about Oide Wiesn correctly receives the “Wiesn Diploma” and a small prize. Participation is free.

To Heart Punch tent has also thought of the little ones in its lovingly selected cultural programme; the children’s theater at Fraunhofer, for example, performs the puppet story “Wiesnräuber” and “Unterzucker” plays music suitable for children. The program can be viewed at www.herzkasperlzelt.de.

Also that Marquee tradition is a great place to go with small children: it has a covered parking lot for baby carriages, children’s toilets, changing facilities, a soda fountain in the beer garden and a Munich Kindl figurine for souvenir photos.

The Marionette Theater in Munich is completely free – apart from admission to the Oide Wiesn – which performs daily plays such as “Der Brandner Kaspar sees into paradise” and “Der Münchner im Himmel” from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 18.00 The play “Kunterbunt Circus” from Monday to Friday at 11 and 12 is particularly suitable for children. Further information and the playground for the puppet theater can be found at www.muema-theater.de.

Offer for children at Familienplatzl

But parents with small children do not necessarily have to resort to Oide Wiesn to enjoy themselves at the Festwiese. There is one especially for her family place: It is located on Straße 3 Ost and has its own beer garden with wooden floor suitable for prams and pram garage, children’s toilets, changing table and microwave.

You can bring your own snack to the beer garden, so nothing stands in the way of the gluten-free rice cake experience for the little ones at the Oktoberfest. The orchestra from the fifties is cool to watch. And around the family square there are some of the best rides for the little ones with baby flights, music express and toss and play stalls.

For children of primary school age, the entire exhibition area can become a scene of adventure: The Herzerl rally starts on the first family day. There are gingerbread hearts with letters all over Schaustellerstraße, mainly at the children’s amusements. The game board for this is laid out on all these rides; and when the last letter is found, the children can pick up a surprise from the queue in the service center behind the Schottenhamel tent.

On the two Tuesdays, not only are the prices for many rides reduced, one thing is completely free for children: it ferris wheel. Adults pay only three euros for admission on the Family Day. And you can spend a lot of time on the Devil’s Wheel, watching others fly off the wheel and clinging to it until centrifugal force does the rest. The traditional tour is also a good alternative when the weather is not quite so nice. On all other days, Teufelsrad costs only one euro for children.

New this year and also suitable for the whole family Circus circusa carousel with twelve gondolas that can swing up to 360 degrees.

Cheap food for children at Wiesn

Here and there at the family days reduced food for the little ones, in the big tents like the Hacker tent, the Bräurosl, the Augustiner-Festhalle and the Hofbräu tent, for example.

On any day, some tents offer children’s food or a whole children’s menu, many even have coloring books and pens to make the little ones happy – for example in Kuffler’s Weinzelt, in Bodo’s Cafezelt and in Poschner’s Hühner- und Entenbraterei.

Useful, legal and organizational information about Family Day

To minimize the drama potential of losing a child, the stewards will be at the entrances to the festival site child finder– Bracelet off. They are given the phone number of the parents, so that if the worst comes to the worst, everyone can be quickly reunited. If it can be arranged, weekday mornings and early afternoons are most relaxed for visits with children.

Children are allowed to enter the tent, with emphasis on accompanying them – of course accompanied by adults. After 8 p.m., children under the age of six are not allowed in the beer tent, not even with adults. From

baby carriage is allowed on the Festwiese from Sunday to Friday until 18; they may not be brought on Saturdays and on German Unity Day. There are luggage storage stations around the Wiesn where they can be stored for three euros, and there are several parking spaces on the festival site itself: at the Familien-Platzl, at entrance 2 of the Oidn Wiesn, at the marionette theater at the Oidn Wiesn and at many rides and tents

ONE Changing and grooming area are available in the service center (landline entrance) behind the Schottenhamel tent, here and there in the tents themselves and at rides. children’s toilets can be found on the Ferris wheel, at several children’s carousels, in the Marstall tent and in Poschner’s chicken and duck roastery.

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