Toxic Siblings: 5 Typical Signs

Toxic Siblings: 5 Common Signs of an Unhealthy Sibling Relationship

one or the other fight, dispute or a little talk here and there is simply part of childhood siblings to. You’re testing your limits, and if you overdo it, it can get a little higher. Ideally, this behavior tends to diminish with age and the relationship relaxes a bit. Unfortunately, this is not always the case brothers and sisters cope well in adulthood. Even if there are (hopefully) no more fisticuffs, the venomous comments remain. Of course, to some extent, one or the other derision is still in order. However, it can also go so far that you no longer find the same common denominator and in the end have to avoid each other completely. We tell you five sign, by which you recognize toxic siblings.

Toxic Siblings: Completely different despite similar DNA

Actually, you would think that people who come from the same parents, grew up together and enjoyed the same upbringing, should look alike. However, one could hardly be more wrong with this assumption. Despite all this, siblings often develop in completely different directions, have different interests and dreams. A similar age is usually not an obstacle. A healthy, well-functioning relationship is therefore all the more beautiful and expensive. However, this is often not the case from scratch.

Character differences that are too great can lead to irreconcilable differences that can make it difficult for siblings to develop friendly relationships with each other. Instead, an unhealthy competition dominates, where both compete to, for example, win their parents’ recognition and admiration. Instead of supporting each other, it can also get pretty ugly. Subliminal insults or accusations may seem harmless at first, but they can be quite hurtful. The longer the toxic behavior continues, the harder it becomes to overlook it and maintain a healthy relationship.

Toxic siblings: These are five signs you should be aware of

Having a healthy relationship with your brother or sister is a true gift – but unfortunately not always given. If your siblings exhibit any of these five signs, your relationship may be toxic.

1. You are the constant lifesaver

Yes, between siblings you must always be there for each other and, especially in emergency situations, always have an open door for the other:n. However, if this door regularly breaks and won’t even close, this may indicate a toxic relationship. He/she probably trusts you too much to catch him/her when he/she takes a new risk and has nothing to lose. However, this can be quite exhausting for you, because after all you can never just concentrate on your own life, but always have to count on playing the belt again. It is high time that your sibling learns to stand on his own two feet without taking you for granted.

2. You are constantly being watched

A phenomenon that often occurs in older siblings: your older sister/brother feels that he/she is responsible for you and mutates into a helicopter sibling. No matter who you date, nothing goes without your sister or brother’s approval. Especially when it comes to dating, they like to interfere and advise you against everything. After all, no one is good enough for you, and it would end badly anyway. They prevent you from making your own decisions without considering that you are definitely old enough to do so now. Of course, he/she probably just wants to prevent you from having negative experiences, but that is also part of life and goes beyond well-intentioned advice. Constant control is definitely not okay.

3. There is an ongoing power struggle between you

Do you somehow always have the feeling that your brother/sister must always surpass you in everything and can never just leave your successes alone? How tiring! It’s almost as if you are almost competing for your parents’ approval and can never be happy with each other. Did you get a promotion? He/she will trump you with a tasty raise. Are you finally moving? Your sibling is already building a house. An unhealthy comparison of one’s milestones and achievements is a very clear warning sign of a toxic relationship between siblings, which unfortunately is often nurtured by the parents.

4. You can take the blame for everything

Let’s guess: Ever since you were a child, you were the favorite scapegoat for everything your dear sister/brother did – and that hasn’t changed much to this day. While it used to be broken vases and plates, these days it’s more about more complicated things you’ve allegedly done. Parental manipulation also plays a very important role. Your brother/sister has them wrapped around their finger so they can feed your mom and dad anything, and they’ll no doubt buy it. In the end, you can take the blame for everything and bear full responsibility for something that you may not even have anything to do with. Are you familiar with it?

5. You are responsible for everything

Whether it’s birthdays, dinner meetings with your parents or other family obligations: if you don’t think about it, your brother/sister certainly won’t either. You are the one: the one who has to initiate everything, otherwise nothing is guaranteed to happen. Your sibling has no plan and always depends on you thinking along with you and having everything on the screen. This is a characteristic common to many. You can of course remind each other of important birthdays and the like, but it shouldn’t become the norm that one of you is the one in charge while the other sits back and just lets things get done.

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