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Of: Antje Haubrock-Kriedel


Convinced by the choice of plays: Gesine Ahlers presented the program for the new season. © Haubrock-Kriedel

Verden – The new season is just around the corner, and the theater advisory board in the city of Verden presents its programme. The honorary members have put together a selection of plays worth seeing for the 2022/2023 theater season, which will be performed in the Stadthalle from September. As usual a mix of classical, modern classical, contemporary and cabaret.

“This program is strongly determined by Corona, some performances that have already been booked were canceled at short notice. We think it was a great program,” said Gesine Ahlers when she presented the selection at the town hall. The pandemic is also the reason for , that there is no large subscription this year, only a mini-subscription. Unlike previous years, the pieces for the subscription cannot be chosen freely. The theater advisory board had to decide them. “The performance dates are in September, March and April. We hope that there will be any pandemic-related restrictions at this time,” Ahlers said. However, they played it safe and, in consultation with the town hall, did not use full seating. There are approximately 250 seats for each performance.

Great theater with Hamlet

Already at the start on September 29, there will be great theater with Hamlet, performed by the Theater für Niedersachsen. Shakespeare’s most famous play is a family tragedy, political thriller and psychodrama rolled into one. The story of Prince Hamlet, driven by grief, anger and thirst for revenge, plunges everyone into misfortune due to the cowardly murder of his father, promises pure emotion and psychological depth. “Hamlet is next year’s A subject. We therefore hope that many young people will also come to the theatre,” says Ahlers.

There will be Shakespeare again on November 3 as an individual event. The Bremer Shakespeare Company presents the comedy Measure for Measure. Shakespeare’s fictional Vienna is a morally decrepit metropolis where shady rabble has spread. Stefan Otteni’s production explores the relationship between the people and the state. Should a representative of the people bully or judge the people to enforce laws? And who are the people? Questions that Shakespeare solves in his dramatic comedy and that have lost none of their relevance today.

Mexican icon Frida Kahlo

The play Frida Kahlo by Maja Delinic and Janin Lang, which will be performed on 1 February in the Dinslaken Burghofbühne, can also be booked for free. The play traces the life of the Mexican born in 1907, who loved life, art and love. Kahlo not only made a name for herself as a painter, but also as a liberated woman who fought for peace and freedom.

The second play in the mini-subscription will also be performed by Theater für Niedersachsen on 22 March. The Devil and the Lord is a play by Jean Paul Sartre. During the time of the German Reformation and the Peasant Wars, General Götz always tried to do evil to challenge God. Later, the revolutionary Nasty convinces him that his behavior only supports the existing order. From then on, Götz only tried to do good, but he himself did not succeed in doing so. Writer and philosopher Jean Paul Sartre’s masterpiece captivates with razor-sharp dialogue, intriguing characters and current questions about morality and social justice.

Ridicule and songs with Jess Jochimsen

The cabaret must of course not be missing from the mini-subscription. On April 22, Jess Jochimsen will be performing as a guest in the Stadthalle with his new program. With biting scorn and quiet nostalgia, he presents a mixture of heart-pounding stories, horrific slides and drop-dead gorgeous songs – bone-dry, loving and very funny.

Pre-sale of the mini-subscription started on 15 August. Tickets cost 45 to 63 euros, discounted 36 to 54 euros. Single ticket sales start on August 29, tickets are available from 18 to 25 euros, concessions from 15 to 22 euros.

“The sale of the mini-subscriptions has got off to a good start. We hope that a lot of people will come to the theater and that we can offer both subscriptions again next season,’ says Gesine Ahlers confidently.

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