How can I sell NFTs?

The non-fungible tokens, abbreviated NFTs, have become one of the most popular trends in the crypto sector in recent months and years. More and more people are now paying attention to NFTs, and digital artworks are fetching six- and seven-figure retail prices. But how can you actually sell NFTs easily and safely?

In this article we will discuss trading NFTs and give you guidance on the best way to sell NFTs at a good price.

What are NFTs?

NFTs are non-fungible tokens. These are digital objects that are unique and based on the blockchain. “Non-fungible” means that the objects cannot be copied and reproduced. This makes each NFT unique. It has a unique digital signature through blockchain.

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The NFTs have become particularly well-known as digital works of art in recent years. They cannot be forged through the blockchain. Digital artworks in the form of NFTs have reached extremely high sales prices in recent years. The NFTs also spread to the areas of fashion and gaming.

What is special about NFTs?

The NFTs are unique due to the blockchain’s digital signature and cannot be copied or forged. Furthermore, the ownership of an NFT can be traced with certainty through the blockchain. As a result, fraud in digital works of art is basically excluded.

Due to their uniqueness, NFTs can reach extremely high prices when traded and sold. They are increasingly becoming ways to promote new products. The combination of uniqueness, security against counterfeiting and clarity about the owner of NFTs makes the digital objects more and more popular. NFTs are taking over the digital space.

Where to buy and sell NFTs?

NFTs can be created, bought and sold. Most of the trading of NFTs takes place on major NFT trading venues. It is possible to create new NFTs on these platforms. This process is called NFT Minting. We discussed the process of creating new NFTs in this article.

You can also sell your created NFT through this platform. Other users can buy your NFT either at a fixed price or in a campaign. The NFT marketplaces continue to offer large NFT collections. In collections you will find various NFTs that are part of a collection and their value increases massively due to belonging to a popular collection.

The largest and most popular NFT trading platform is OpenSea. On OpenSea you have access to hundreds of NFT collections based on the Ethereum blockchain. You can also mine an NFT, sell your NFT or buy new NFTs.


What can I sell as NFTs?

In principle, you can sell as NFTs anything you own in the digital space or that you have created as a creator. You can convert this digital object into an NFT using the embossing process. This process converts your digital object into an NFT based on the blockchain.

For example, you can sell the following digital objects and act as NFTs:

  • a digital work of art
  • a music album
  • a tweet
  • a digital fashion accessory
  • etc.

How much does it cost to sell an NFT?

Now, if you want to sell your own NFT, the question naturally arises what the process of selling your digital artwork will cost you.

Basically, we must mention that the pure creation of an NFT, the minting, is free on the major NFT exchanges. So you can convert your digital object to an NFT at no extra cost.

NFT embossing

However, there are fees when selling an NFT. On OpenSea, the largest NFT exchange, you pay 2.5% of the sales price when selling an NFT. This is the platform’s reward for offering you a reliable and large marketplace for NFT.

The buyer of the NFT pays the gas fees incurred when the NFT is created. Because the NFTs are only stamped when they are purchased. So the buyer pays for the embossing process.

Who buys my NFT?

In order to sell your NFT successfully, you need a good, big and secure marketplace that has many users who are potential buyers for NFT. OpenSea offers the largest marketplace for NFTs.

Other important platforms where you can sell NFTs are the following:

  • binance
  • FTX
  • Super rare NFT
  • Rarable
  • etc.

The chance that you can sell your NFT at a good price increases with your own reputation. For example, if you create your own collection of NFTs and become better known as an NFT artist, your NFTs will become more valuable.


Also, you can do marketing for your NFTs to sell them later. A relatively new way is Facebook to promote your NFTs. We took a closer look at NFTs and Facebook in this article.

When should I sell NFTs?

NFTs are experiencing massive hype in 2022 and more and more NFTs are being sold at extremely high prices. At the same time, the market is becoming increasingly competitive. The more ordinary people try to get rich through NFTs, the harder it will be to make money from NFTs.

When Facebook gets involved in the promotion of NFTs, you will have an excellent opportunity to sell your NFTs at a good price in the coming weeks and months. However, you should not waste your time becoming an NFT seller.

When selling, be sure to make a serious impression as NFTs are increasingly associated with scams! Therefore, use a reputable platform like OpenSea that can handle your sales safely and easily!


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