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Lindlar – Sponsorships for children of mentally ill parents and school bags for children who would otherwise be left with a plastic bag on the first day of school: By & Landsfonden once again supports important work for vulnerable children and young people with 1,000 euros each, thereby also recognizing the commitment of the people behind these projects .

The Town & Country Foundation Prize enters its tenth year: In 2022, it will again support charitable institutions, associations and initiatives throughout Germany working for vulnerable children and young people with a total of almost 600,000 euros. In the first phase, 500 projects will each receive EUR 1,000, and in the autumn the outstanding ones will receive an additional EUR 5,000.

According to Kathrin and Volker Sörgens from the shs company for turnkey construction mbH in Lindlar, this price is due to all projects that they oversee. They are among the approximately 240 foundation ambassadors who represent the Erfurt Town & Country Foundation on site, establish contact with most of the volunteers and also present the foundation awards: “You reach out to the children and young people, make their difficult path a little easier, You give them hope and trust: This is so infinitely important for young people, but also indispensable for us as a society. That is why we are only too happy to honor your passionate commitment, your great commitment with the Foundation Award,” thanked the honorary and full-time employees.

Kathrin Sörgens handed over the symbolic check of 1,000 euros from the state capital of Thuringia to Lebensfarben – Help for children and young people. V. – together with the CDU member of the Bundestag Carsten Brodesser, who had already successfully nominated the association for the foundation award in 2021. Lifets farver e.V. supports children and young people of mentally ill parents professionally and free of charge in a number of different ways. For this purpose, the affected children are provided with sponsors to prevent developmental disorders and behavioral problems. Prospective sponsors undergo extensive training beforehand; the duration of the sponsorship is adjusted individually as needed. The funds go to action days and joint activities for sponsored children and sponsors.

The project “Oberberger Brücken+” by Vermittel-Schulen-Beraten – VSB gGmbH also received an award. It provides extensive assistance to EU citizens who have moved to the country and their children, mostly Romanian citizens, often in particularly precarious living, working and life situations. The children’s poverty becomes visible, among other things, at compulsory events, so when school starts you see children poorly or not at all equipped with plastic bags. Therefore, the funds go to school bags and complete teaching materials for children in Gummersbach who are affected by poverty.

The 10th Town & Country Foundation Prize thus once again promotes social engagement for socially, psychologically and physically vulnerable children and young people throughout Germany. In 2022, under the accent #især_anderledes, he will devote himself to the high psychological stress that children and young people are exposed to in these times, and promote education, therapy and spiritual care, integration and inclusion in this context. As every year, it supports educational institutions, associations and many others who work for equal opportunities regardless of origin, gender, social or religious background – and thus opens up better perspectives for young people.

Source: City & Country Foundation

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