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When used correctly, learning with a learning computer can promote development. © CroMary/PantherMedia

Learning computers can be a way to sensitize children to the conscious and responsible use of technology. But when does it make sense to learn computers and which ones are the best?

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Mom organizes her appointments on the smartphone, Dad buys everything on the laptop, and Alexa makes sure the dishwasher starts at home. Children today grow up as a matter of course in a digitized world with lots of technology. Many get their first smartphone in elementary school, and some young people are quickly better equipped with tablets and the like than their parents. Learning computers can be a child-friendly solution to learn to use modern technology responsibly and consciously – but also to prepare for digital learning at school. A gift that is as useful as it is surprising for the first day of school.

How useful is a learning computer?

Opinions are of course divided here. What parents must be aware of, however, is that our children will inevitably come into contact with computers and the like sooner or later. But until then: Use this still technology-free children’s world to let the little ones curiously gather experiences and knowledge in nature and their surroundings with their own eyes. According to various studies, too many children spend too much time in front of the PC or smartphone anyway, so you have to deal with it early enough. Colors, animals, plants… In the end, all this can be experienced much more intensively and beautifully in real life than on the screen.

A learning computer therefore makes the most sense when you have to prepare your child for school. Because digital learning is on the rise even in primary schools, it can be an advantage if you already have some technical knowledge. Learning computers can also help in learning to learn.

security theme

Children should only use their educational computer to play and learn. If there is a possibility that the learning computer will connect to the Internet, make sure that you have a WiFi security with a password when you buy it. Without internet access, you and your children are on the safe side as to what content is shown.

Which learning computer for preschoolers?

The time in kindergarten is coming to an end, school enrollment is soon in sight: now is a good time to think about buying a learning computer. In a child-friendly and playful way, the young schoolchildren learn not only to use simple technology, but also letters, numbers and logical thinking. With learning computers for preschool children, you should therefore ensure that the programs provide appropriate content.

Educational computer for preschool children

learn computer
2-in-1 learning computer – tablet and laptop in one! ©Amazon

Buy children’s computers

This learning computer is the bestseller in the “Computerbild” test. With a total of 80 educational games, language, mathematics, logic, creativity and more are trained, with the degree of difficulty automatically adapting to the child’s progress. Particularly smart: the keyboard can be moved so that your child can learn on a “tablet” or “laptop”.
Amazon price: from 35.40 euros

✔️ 80 educational games in 27 categories such as German, mathematics, science, sounds, creativity, logic and memory
✔️ LCD color screen
✔️ 26 letter keys on QWERTZ keyboard + 10 number keys
✔️ Stores more than 350 of your own creations
✔️ Not WiFi activated
✔️ 5 to 7 years
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.3 out of 5 on Amazon

Which learning computer for English?

Our brain will never again be as receptive and quick to learn as it was in childhood! Anyone who starts learning a foreign language in a playful way at an early age can only gain later in (school) life. A few learning computers use this great power of the little super brains to impart the first knowledge of English. Almost by the way, the vocabulary grows every day, the first simple grammar rules are consolidated and your child benefits from a solid basic knowledge in English lessons.

Learn computer for first knowledge of English

learn computer
With 28 special language programs to learn English © Amazon

Buy English laptop for kids

With 28 special programs for learning English, special exercises for pronouncing the letters and for reading, this children’s PC promotes learning the foreign language in a playful way. Individual learning levels and the integrated learning success system support optimal success. The repertoire is supplemented by programs for letters, words, mathematics, nature and natural sciences.
Amazon price: from 35.02 euros

✔️ A total of 160 educational games in German and English
✔️ 28 special language programs to learn English
✔️ Exercises on pronunciation of letters and reading
✔️ Individual learning through increasing difficulty
✔️ Not WiFi activated
✔️ 6 to 8 years
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 3.9 out of 5 on Amazon

Learning computers: buying tips

In order for your child to use the learning computer safely and fun, you should pay attention to a few small things when you buy it. Especially very cheap models do not always meet the requirements for safety and ease of use. This little checklist will help you make a buying decision.

  • Child-resistant battery compartment and automatic switch-off
  • Robust housing with low weight
  • Automatic time monitoring
  • Stepless volume control
  • No sharp corners or edges
  • Screen with good image quality
  • With Internet function: Access restriction using password protection
  • Upgrade and retrofit options

Which learning computer for German and spelling?

Your child is very eloquent in everyday life, but when it comes to putting the words on paper, does he have a problem? Many parents know this problem and know that dictation and comma rules are not very motivating. A learning computer with a particular focus on German and grammar can help convey the content in a playful and cool way. Another plus: children can use it to learn independently, which often has a huge motivational effect.

Spelling computer for better German grades

learn computer
Learning computer with programs and exercises for spelling and grammar. ©Amazon

Buy a German learning computer

This kid-friendly laptop has lots of intensive programs and exercises for spelling, grammar and punctuation. With the integrated text program, documents can be created independently, and there are also print-ready practice sheets on many other school subjects. With many of the features of an adult laptop and internet capabilities, it is also ideal for learning to use technology.
Amazon price: from 99.99 euros

✔️ Word processing, calendar, notes, art gallery, video gallery, music gallery, diary, calculator, clock
✔️ 5” color screen (1280 x 720 pixels), child-friendly start screen, QWERTZ keyboard
✔️ Headphone connection and SD card slot available
✔️ WiFi connection and child-friendly, secure web browser and whitelist
✔️ 5 to 12 years
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 3.5 out of 5 on Amazon

Learning computer in tablet format

The days when learning computers were just brightly colored plastic monsters are long gone. In the meantime, the market offers quite useful alternatives that look more and more like the adult models – but with large buttons, ease of use and age-appropriate content are ideally suited to children’s needs. Unlike mom or dad’s tablet, high-quality children’s tablets allow you to filter web content and install apps or programs in such a way that children see only what is intended for them. Special learning apps ensure that the tablet is not only used for entertainment, but also for learning.

Children’s tablet with learning apps

tablet for children
Software filters internet content here to make it kid-friendly. ©Amazon

Buy a children’s tablet

More than 40 learning apps and games are already installed on this child-friendly tablet, as well as the web services Google Class Room and YouTube Kids, as well as Koekeltjes. Additional apps such as Disney+, Netflix or Videoland can also be installed. The Kurio Genius software, which filters Internet content to make it child-friendly, ensures safety. The daily or weekly usage time can also be preset.
Amazon price: 99.99 euros

✔️ More than 40 educational apps and games
✔️ Child-friendly internet filter
✔️ Built-in hearing protection for headphone use
✔️ Robust silicone protective cover
✔️ 6 to 9 years
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 3.6 out of 5 on Amazon

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