8 reasons why you should buy an Xbox Series X instead of a PS5

Thinking of buying a next-gen console? MeinMMO explains why you should buy an Xbox Series X instead of a PS5.

For many gamers, an Xbox Series X or a PS5 is a good alternative to the gaming PC. Because for 500 euros you already get a powerful console that delivers enough power for all current top titles.

But what really speaks for buying an Xbox Series X instead of a PS5? MeinMMO introduces you to 8 reasons to buy an Xbox Series X.

If you’re looking for a comparative analysis instead, check out our overview. Here we compare the two consoles with pros and cons:

PS5 vs Xbox Series X – Which console should I buy?


Unlike its competitors, the Xbox Series X is now almost universally available. While you have to wait for a PS5 drop, you can relatively easily order the Xbox Series X from MediaMarkt, Amazon and Co.

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For 499.99 euros you get the Xbox Series X with a drive, while you can buy the Series S without a drive for around 270 euros. Unlike the PS5, you can also buy the Xbox console as a subscription with Game Pass. MeinMMO explains to you who Xbox Series X might be worth subscribing to.

If you’re still looking for a PS5 and definitely want to buy one, take a look at our PS5 ticker here on MeinMMO. Here you will find all the tips and tricks for buying a PS5:

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Game Pass

You can subscribe to Xbox Game Pass for around 10 euros. Here you get access to hundreds of games of very different quality. In addition to many top titles such as Elder Scrolls: Online or Age of Empires IV, there are also many indie titles.

You can get Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for around 15 euros, which also includes Xbox Live Gold and the multiplayer feature. There’s also a trick on how you can save a lot of money with Xbox Game Pass.

Another advantage of Game Pass is that you can play many new games right after release at no extra cost. Games like Halo Infinite or Psychonauts 2 can be played on the first day. This is especially exciting because you are now paying 69.99 euros for next-generation games for PS5 or Xbox Series X.

Meanwhile, Sony has also revised its PS Plus subscription, and here you can also get dozens of games as a subscription. However, it’s still unlikely that Sony will give you PS5 exclusive titles directly in the subscription for free. You can now play older top titles like Marvel’s Spider-Man for free with the extended PS Plus subscription.

Smart delivery function

Smart Delivery is a feature you can only use on Xbox. If you install a game with “Smart Delivery”, you automatically install the best version of the game. If you install a game on Xbox Series X, you also install the version for Series X.

Xbox will also notify you as soon as a next-generation version is available for one of your installed games. At best, you are always up to date.

On PS5, be careful not to accidentally install the PS4 version on PS5. Both versions are always available in the shop, and in many cases you can download them for free.

style and size

The Xbox Series X is the biggest Xbox console Microsoft has released to date. After the console was introduced, there were many rumors that the console looked like a refrigerator. Meanwhile, Microsoft has also explained why the Xbox Series X looks like a refrigerator.

Compared to the PS5, the Xbox Series X looks a bit more solid and smaller. And even on paper, the Xbox Series X is smaller than the PS5. It’s not for nothing that the PS5 is currently the biggest next-gen console, which is primarily due to a single component of the PS5.

  • Xbox Series X: 310mm x 160mm x 160mm
  • PS5: 390mm x 260mm x 104mm

The design of both consoles is otherwise a matter of taste. Many gamers prefer a black design, which is why many were upset with the PS5’s white design. But now you can also buy official side plates that you can use to change the color of the PS5.

Sony finally introduces colorful side plates for the PS5 – what you need to know

There are now also colorful siteplates for PS5. So the PS5 is no longer white.

backward compatibility

Xbox Series X and S offer extensive backwards compatibility. Not only can you play current titles on a Series X, but you can also use a number of Xbox 360 games and dig out your old Fable disc, for example.

You can therefore also play very old games on your new Xbox. Xbox then emulates the old generation runtime environment. So you can also play the Xbox exclusive “Fable 2” on Xbox Series X.

Some backward compatible games are no longer available for sale. If you bought a backward compatible game on Xbox 360 or have a game disc, you can also play those games on the Xbox Series X|S console. Only digital games work on Series S.

You can only play backwards compatible PS4 games on PS5. This applies to both digital games and games that you have on disk in your cupboard. PS3 games and games from even older generations cannot be purchased digitally or played on disc. However, you can stream some older games with PS Plus.

Big purchases from Microsoft

Microsoft, the company behind Xbox, had acquired several major game companies in recent years:

Microsoft had at least stated that it would continue to honor existing contracts in the future and that certain games such as Call of Duty would continue to be released for the PlayStation consoles.

Nevertheless, the purchase of Bethesda had already shown that Starfield would only appear for PC and Xbox and not for PS5. For blockbusters like Starfield, you’ll need either a powerful gaming PC or an Xbox Series X in the future.

Diablo Immortal female monk monk gloomy title
Are games like Diablo IV still coming to PS5 or only to PC and Xbox Series X|S?

Xbox Series X offers more computing power

Basically the same hardware is used in both PS5 and Xbox Series X. Because both consoles are based on a chip from AMD. You can therefore use functions such as ray tracing on both consoles.

However, there are a few small differences. The Xbox Series X offers a bit more processing power as the CPU is clocked faster and the GPU offers more compute units (36 vs 52). Compute units are clusters of processing elements in the GPU. The more of them, the faster the GPU. The Xbox Series X delivers 12.15 TFLOPS, while the PS5 only manages 10.28 TFLOPS. This difference had sparked a big discussion about teraflops on PS5 and Xbox Series X.

PS5 and Xbox Series X: Technical details at a glance

PS5 Xbox Series X
processor Zen 2 processor with 8 cores, with variable frequency up to 3.5 GHz 8-core Zen 2 processor @ 3.8 GHz (3.66 GHz with SMT)
GPU RDNA 2 chip with 36 compute units at 2.23 GHz (10.28 TFLOPS) RDNA 2 chip with 52 CUs at 1.825 GHz (12.15 TFLOPS)
RAM. 16 GB GDDR6 with 256-bit bus connection 16 GB GDDR6 with 320-bit bus connection
(10 GB at 560 GB/s, 6 GB at 336 GB/s)
drive Optical drive, Ultra HD Blu-ray Optical drive 4K UHD Blu-ray drive

If you absolutely want the current fastest next-gen console, then there is no way around the Xbox Series X. Whether you can also feel it practical when playing on the TV or gaming monitor is another question .

What are TeraFlops and how do they benefit me as a gamer?

Bigger hard drive and faster upgrade

The Xbox Series X offers you more storage space than the PS5 in its basic configuration. While the PS5 comes with an 825GB SSD, the Xbox Series X comes with a 1TB SSD. Especially in an age where games like Call of Duty: Warzone or Elder Scrolls: Online easily take up 100 GB or more on your hard drive, more storage space plays a role.

Plus, it’s easier to upgrade the internal storage on the Xbox Series X. If you’ve purchased a memory module, you just slide it into the Xbox and don’t have to painstakingly unscrew the console. The Xbox Series X|S system is absolutely foolproof here.

The stock expansion has been pushed into the Xbox Series X. Pretty foolproof.

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