Hybrid smartwatches: 3 timeless models with modern functions

Withings, Garmin & Co.
Hybrid Smartwatches: These 3 models score with timeless design

Smartwatches with touch displays look especially sporty and modern. If you prefer things to be timeless and smart, you don’t need to do without smart functions: these hybrid watches hide many technical functions under their classic look.

Measuring the pulse, analyzing the quality of sleep or even making calls: today wristwatches can do much more than just tell the time. Most models rely on a touchscreen display and water- and sweat-resistant plastic straps. But there are also watches that can be paired with a mobile phone for watch lovers and fans of classic design: so-called hybrid smartwatches pair activity tracking and smartphone extensions with an analog watch face. These three models make an impression on the wrist – also in the office and on festive occasions.

Withings ScanWatch: smartwatch with a face

The manufacturer Withings specializes in smart health devices, including some smartwatches with many useful vital functions. ScanWatch, for example, creates a medically accurate EKG on demand, which can be viewed in detail in the Health Mate app. Ideal for athletes: With 30 different training modes, each training unit can be tracked as accurately as possible.

  • design: 38 mm stainless steel case, analog dial with small dial and digital display panel
  • functions: Activity and sleep tracking, smartphone notification display, dedicated Health Mate app, water resistant to 50 ATM
  • measurements: pulse and ECG, respiration, sleep, oxygen saturation, steps, distance
  • battery life: up to 30 days with daily use

Two additional fields are embedded in the analog dial of the Withings ScanWatch. The lower field shows the achievement of step or activity goals in percentage, the upper field shows additional vital parameters or notifications digitally.

Garmin Vivomove Sport: Hybrid watch for fitness enthusiasts

The manufacturer Garmin has come up with something special for the Vivomove smartwatch: Behind the analog dial is a display that is activated by touch. With a swipe, it shows different readings or the date. In addition to further insight into the measured parameters, the relevant app also provides training. This makes the watch ideal for athletes who want to accurately track their training sessions. The subtle pattern gives the fibre-reinforced silicone strap a slightly elegant look.

  • design: 40 mm stainless steel case, analogue dial with display behind
  • functions: Activity and sleep tracking, smartphone notification display, music control, dedicated Garmin Connect app, waterproof to 50 ATM
  • measurements: heart rate, stress level, steps, distance, speed
  • battery life: up to 5 days in smartwatch mode, longer in analog mode

Skagen Connected Jorn: Hybrid Smartwatch from Denmark

The Danish manufacturer Skagen has also entered the world of smartwatches with the Skagen Connected. A clear internal display shows step counters, weather reports and mobile phone notifications. A feature that only a few hybrid watches have: the built-in microphone can even be used to activate the Amazon Alexa voice assistant when the smartphone is paired.

  • design: 42mm stainless steel case, analog dial with internal display to show activity and sleep
  • functions: Activity and sleep tracking, display of smartphone notifications, calendar events and weather, music control, microphone, GPS, dedicated Skagen Connected app, splashproof
  • measurements: heart rate, oxygen saturation, steps, distance, acceleration, sleep
  • battery life: over two weeks

The watch informs about incoming messages and calls on the smartphone with a light vibration signal. Functions can be personalized with the three buttons on the side of the cabinet, for example music or the camera can be remotely controlled on the mobile phone.


Skagen Connected Men’s Smartwatch JORN 42MM GEN 6 HYBRID SKT3201


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Tip: The strap of a watch has a big effect on the overall look. A metal or leather bracelet immediately looks smarter than a sporty silicone bracelet. Depending on taste and needs, it is enough to buy an extra watch strap for the smartwatch for work or special occasions.

Conclusion: hybrid watches are smart and stylish

In general, a hybrid watch often has a smaller selection of functions than a smartwatch with a touch display. However, they score with a timeless design that suits every occasion. Hybrid watches are therefore primarily suitable for those who wear their watch as a fashionable essential and for whom the smart basic functions are sufficient. If you primarily use the smartwatch to record sports and activities on a daily basis, you may be better off with a fitness tracker.

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