Mobilvetta Admiral K 6.5 (2022)

Anyone who still thinks that Ducato & Co. is more or less the same inside, has not seen the Mobilvetta Admiral that was launched at the start of the season. After all, the Italian brand has the addition of “Design” as an underline in the official brand logo for a reason. But those familiar with the constellation – many Trigano subsidiaries have their caravans built together in two factories in southern Italy – might assume that only slightly modified standard goods roll off the assembly line there.

Although the basic model concepts are already identical – this is the one tested here Admiral K 6.5 related to, for example, the Eura Mobil Van 635 HB – but there are still clear differences in the design. As soon as you enter through the sliding door, an engraved brand name on the outside of the kitchen wall announces that this is not just any Ducato conversion, but a Mobilvetta. The same applies when the rear doors are open for loading. MOBILVETTA is in large letters at the top of the upper cabinets – the neighbors to the parking lot know it immediately and come over to take a look. And there’s a lot to show, starting with the kitchenette at the entrance.


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Large pull-out with wire basket and bottle holders.

A large pull-out with three bottle holders and two wire baskets slides out at the front of the kitchen section – practical, as you can put supplies straight out of the shopping cart. When you pull it out, however, a general shortcoming of the Mobilvetta Admiral becomes apparent: the part careless processing. The massive extension slides swayingly on the rails.

An elegant and at the same time smart detail can be found directly above. The worktop can be pulled out towards the entrance, so that the sink is revealed – or not – if it is covered by the extra cutting board, which can again be used in a precisely fitting recess on the work surface can be laid. The two-flame stove with loud and noisy piezo ignition is also covered with a glass plate, so there are very flexible options for work and parking.

The sink, which, like the cover plate, is made of gray artificial stone in Italian chic style, cannot compete with the hobs in terms of suitability for larger pots and pans. Just below, three drawers hold plenty of cooking equipment. The glued cutlery tray in the top leaves dirty corners that are difficult to clean – impractical. There is more storage space in it large closet ready, if the massive clap the head can hardly avoid in the narrow passage when opening. The 84 liter compressor fridge sits on top of the wardrobe at the end of the kitchen unit, making it easy to reach.

Mobile Vetta Admiral K6.12

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The fridge is upstairs and the coat closet is downstairs.


A solid door with a practical latch leads into the bathroom opposite. When entering, a twelve centimeter high step must be overcome. The first thing you see is the deep washbasin, which is shaped like the sink made of gray artificial stone. Back stretch large mirror the spatial impression. As it is mounted at a slight angle, only small people can look each other in the eye – after all, there is a small mirror at head height on the left wall. A window is inserted into the outer wall behind the toilet.

Mobile Vetta Admiral K6.14

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Attractive revolving wall bathroom with deeply designed washbasin in artificial stone.

There is also quite a lot of storage space in open spaces and cupboards – also under the sink. Not a matter of course, because there is often a lack of cupboard space in bathrooms with a swiveling washbasin wall. However, the voluminous construction obviously overwhelms the swivel bearing when panning, because the wall hangs slightly askew in the final position and can only be locked with difficulty. Meanwhile, the side wall cladding not only reveals its own shower fitting, but also four practical storage areas. However, the pleasure of taking a shower is spoiled by the fact that a curtain has to be spread out in front of the bathroom door. And afterwards it’s time to let it dry first, then pick it up and attach it – other swing wall bathrooms don’t need a curtain.

seating group and bed

The sitting area in front of the bathroom is sumptuous. White imitation leather upholstery and high-gloss cupboard doors characterize the yacht style. But also the elaborate paneling of the side wall around the window, the two large skylights and the line of furniture that elegantly extends over the driver’s cabin contributes to this, here you can easily receive one or two guests. The table has a very flexible design, has an integrated tray with cup holder, can be halved for more freedom of movement and can be extended to also include the passenger seat. However, the extension plate is quite narrow and suitable for a drink rather than a full envelope.

Mobilvetta Admiral K6.8

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For the Admiral interior, Mobilvetta – in line with the series name – relies on yacht design with snow-white upholstery and high-gloss wall cabinet doors.

Flexibility is also the key word when looking at the rear section. The electrical height adjustable bed enabling the crew to quickly switch from the comfortable, large sleeping area to the lush two-wheeled garage. However, it is hardly possible to sleep on top of the bikes, because in the top position the upper cabinets only leave about 1.50 by 1.15 meters of mattress space – it is only logical that there is no ladder for the ascent. If you want to use both at the same time, look elsewhere for a model with as high a roof as possible.

Thanks to two extra cushions on the side, the folding bed is 1.88 meters wider than it is long (1.75-1.84 m) in sleeping position. So it’s up to the crew where the cushions should be – probably more towards the back, because there are reading lights and open shelves in the back corners – but no USB sockets. Annoyingly, the expansion pads keep moving when the trundle bed is lowered jam and must be painstakingly adjusted.

Mobile Vetta Admiral K6.17

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The rear bed is electrically height adjustable. In sleeping position with extra cushions on the sides, the lying surface is 1.75-1.84 by 1.88 metres.


There is above the bed six upper cabinets, the four on the side walls are particularly large. Two more are available above the seating group, plus two small compartments each in the seat box and in the floor pillar. In the side rows of furniture at the back, a cabinet for small accessories awaits on the right. There is another compartment hidden in the front left, which is only accessible when the bed is raised, and which, in addition to the lithium battery and inverter – both optional extras – also offers some luggage space.

Along with rear storage space with variable volume (approx. 1,550-3,150 L), checkered aluminum floor, three lashing rails and bright lighting prepared for larger transport tasks Admiral K 6.5 is well equipped in this respect. The only thing missing here is a preferably flexible separation between storage and living space.

Mobilvetta Admiral K6.25

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If the folding bed is raised by an electric motor, a spacious two-wheeled garage is created below – a ramp is included.


The body is insulated with aluminium-laminated synthetic fiber mats, and elegant aluminum frame windows are used in the side walls. The large skylight above the cockpit is made of real glass, but only one pane, so an extra insulating mat is recommended for winter. The skylight is also shaped like a spoiler so there is less wind noise on the Midi-Heki arranged below.

Mobile Vetta Admiral K6.26

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Strong wind noise from the roof from a speed of 50.

In the test car, however, it is exactly the opposite. An unmistakable whistle rises from a speed of 50. However, the evidence suggests that the “culprit” is the sharp-edged solar panel installed behind. Not only here does Mobilvetta have to make “clear ship” again.

prices and equipment

Mobile Vetta Admiral K6.6

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Admiral K 6.5 – not only smart, but also practical.

  • basic price: 67,540 euros (Fiat Ducato 35 L, engine 103 kW/140 hp) including extra costs (freight, TÜV, registration)
  • Length Width Height: 6.36/2.05/2.59 m
  • GVWR: 3,500 kg
  • Braces/Sleepers: 4/2–3
  • test car price: 73,268 euros
  • 180 hp engine/Maxi chassis (23/40 kg): 4,057/1,795 euros
  • 9-speed automatic transmission (41 kg): 3,689 euros
  • ✘ Travel package: awning, solar system: 1,100 euros ✔
  • ✘ Driving package: LED daytime running lights, fog lights, leather steering wheel and gear knob: 691 euros ✔
  • Lithium battery 100 Ah (14 kg): 1,942 euros ✔
  • Compressor refrigerator 138 full 84 L (13 kg): 417 euros
  • Arctic Diesel package: Truma Combi 6 DE, thermal mats in cab outside/inside, seating area, rear doors: 1,348 euros

✘ included in the test car ✔ recommended

data and measurements

Mobilvetta Admiral K 6.5 all readings of the test


All data and ratings for the payload.

Construction and expansion

Van with high plate roof, steel reinforcements, exterior steel, interior plastic/textile, insulation material wall/roof/floor fiber mats/n/a, thickness wall/roof/floor 19/19 mm/n/a, no double floor, 6 plastic insulating windows, 2 x curtain / 4 x with aluminum frames, 2 roof caps, 2 panoramic skylights.

technology on board

Diesel fan heater/boiler Truma Combi 6D, 8 vents (2 x seating, 2 x entrance, bathroom, back passage, 2 x rear storage space), water system: fresh water pipes, waste water hoses.

base vehicle

Fiat Ducato 140 Multijet, van, front-wheel drive, four-cylinder turbodiesel, displacement 2287 cm3, output 103 kW/140 hp at 3600 rpm, torque 350 Nm at 1400 rpm, six-speed manual gearbox.


Acceleration 0-50/80/100 km/h 6.3/13.1/20.1 s; Elasticity 60-80/100 km/h (4th//5th gear) 7.7/14.7//11.9/23.1 s, 80-100 km/h (6th gear) 10.0s ; Test consumption 9.8 L/100 km.

We noticed that

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Mobile Vetta Admiral K6.22

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This is how it should always be … cleanly sealed shaft on the toilet cassette.
The upper cabinets extend elegantly beyond the cockpit – even with a small space.
Generous extension cushions, which wedge into place every time the folding bed is lowered.
Heavy wind noise from the roof from a speed of 50. Suspected cause: the sharp-edged solar panel.
The waste water tank outlet in the middle under the vehicle makes the disposal of gray water a tedious task.

A maximum of 5 points is possible
*Assessment: motorhome with bathroom over 50,000 euros


The Admiral is definitely one of the most elegantly designed camper vans on the market with many smart and smart details. However, the weak construction and processing quality are more than a drop of bitterness – also seen in the light of the upper price range. It’s a case for buyers who love its design but can also pick up a screwdriver from time to time.

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