Blue chips’ crypto partnerships

Blue chips are among the largest and best-known companies in the world. They dominate in their sectors and in some cases control the entire economy. Blue chips are companies that have been able to build an excellent reputation in their industry over the years.
Meanwhile, more and more blue chips are looking for a way into the world of blockchains and cryptocurrency. In order to follow this path successfully, the most successful and powerful companies in the world are looking for strong partners who should support them. You can find out which partnerships are involved here.


Microsoft should be familiar to everyone. The BigTech company from the USA sells not only hardware, consoles and business software, but above all cloud services. The top dog from Washington State is now collaborating with the blockchain company Consensys.
Consenys is a New York-based company specializing in the development of decentralized software and services. Through the partnership and investment in Consensys, Microsoft is trying not to miss the connection to blockchain-based.

Black stone

The financial giant from New York recently attracted attention when it announced a partnership with Coinbase, which should enable Blackrock crypto investments and crypto-based investments.
In addition to partnering with Coinbase, Blackrock has also invested in crypto exchange FTX. Blackrock has also partnered with Circle and Anchorage Digital. The financial services provider, which owns the best-known ETF brand ishares, wants to enter the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector.


Google parent Alphabet is also known for the infamous “Moonshot” repository. It contains entire companies that Google concludes as a kind of bet on the future. Represented among others: Waymo. The company has set itself the goal of enabling autonomous mobility.
Crypto and blockchain companies are now also represented in Alphabet Moonshots. Alphabet’s investments include Fireblocks, Dapper Labs, Vultage and Digital Currency Group.

While Fireblocks provides infrastructure for digital assets, Dapper Labs is one of the best-known companies for blockchain games.

Goldman Sachs

The world’s largest investment bank and the dream of every business student invests primarily in the DeFi sector. Like Blackrock, Goldman’s investments include Anchorage Digital. The company wants to make trading digital assets and cryptocurrencies easier for institutional customers in particular.
Goldman has also made investments in Certik, Coinmetrics and Elwood.
Like Blackrock, Goldman Sachs is trying to position itself successfully in the DeFi space with promising partners.


The Chinese tech company, which among other things launched the successful video game Fortnite, is known for its successful investments. The Tencent conglomerate has already invested in e-commerce such as Sea Ltd. or The technology group also operates its own platforms such as WeChat.
Now China’s tech giant is also investing in blockchain. Tencent took a stake in, among others, Oxalis, Immutable and Ethernity.

Oxalis and Immutable are primarily active in the gaming sector. Erhernity is successful in NFT trading.

Invest as blue chips?

Is it now worth investing in the same companies that Tencent, Google & Co have already invested in?
Probably not. Blue chips have incredibly large cash flows and can certainly afford to miss out on investments. Especially since many investments are strategic partnerships. In particular, Blackrock, Goldman Sachs and other banks are using DeFi investments to protect themselves against an overwhelming wave of DeFi applications.
For private investors, the investment question usually does not arise anyway, most of the investments mentioned above are private companies and (yet) not listed on the stock exchange.

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