People’s Insurance of China News: Buy the stock now?

People’s Insurance of China: Dividends Lucrative Enough for Investors?

Currently, People’s Insurance Of China pays a lower than average dividend for the insurance industry. The difference is 82.78 percentage points (8.35% versus 91.13%). Because of this wide difference, the stock’s dividend policy earns a sell rating.

What do shareholders think about People’s Insurance of China?

In addition to the analyzes from banks, the benchmark for the mood around shares is also the long-term mood among investors and users on the Internet. The number of posts over a longer period of time and the change in mood give a good long-term picture of the mood. We examined People’s Insurance Of China stock for these two factors. The number of posts or the intensity of discussion showed a medium level of activity from which we believe a “team” rating can be generated. The sentiment change rate for People’s Insurance Of China shows little change according to our measure. This is equivalent to a “team” rating. In this regard, we give the share of People’s Insurance Of China a “Hold” rating in terms of long-term sentiment.

How does People’s Insurance of China affect sentiment?

A look at the discussion on social media shows the following picture: Market participants have been essentially neutral towards People’s Insurance Of China for the past few days. There were neither particularly positive nor negative fluctuations. The recent news (in the past day or two) about the company is also mostly neutral. Therefore, based on our sentiment analysis, People’s Insurance Of China is given a “Hold” rating. Overall, People’s Insurance Of China receives a “hold” rating from the editors for investor sentiment.


P/E should be seen as a buy signal

With a price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio of 4.32, People’s Insurance Of China stock is 92 percent lower than peers in the insurance industry (54.05) based on today’s prices. This indicator, in turn, signals an underestimation. From a fundamental analysis perspective, this results in a “Buy” classification.

A look at the technical performance of a stock using the moving average can be used to determine the current trend of the security. Let’s look at the moving average of the closing price of People’s Insurance Of China stock from the last 200 trading days. This value is currently 2.55 HKD. This means that the last closing price (HKD 2.33) is significantly lower (difference -8.63 percent). On that basis, we rate the stock as a “sell” What does this calculation look like if you determine the moving average based on the last 50 trading days? For this (HKD 2.62), the last close is also below the moving average (-11.07 percent deviation). Therefore, the People’s Insurance Of China stock also gets a “sell” rating in this shorter term. Therefore, the People’s Insurance Of China stock gets an overall “Sell” rating for the simple chart technique.

Relative Strength Index and its current data

A prominent technical analysis signal, the Relative Strength Index, or RSI, correlates the ups and downs of price movements over an exemplary 7-day period. Values ​​between 0 and 30 are considered “oversold”, values ​​between 70 and 100 are considered “overbought”, and values ​​in between are considered neutral. People’s Insurance Of China RSI is leading to a Sell assessment at the 98.31 level. 25-day RSI25 of 50.16 is an indication of a hold view at this level. The overall assessment is thus set to “Sell”.

Buy, Hold or Sell – Your People’s Insurance of China analysis is dated 19/08 gives the answer:

How will People’s Insurance of China develop now? Is an entry worth it, or should investors rather sell? Find out the answers to these questions and why you should act now in the latest People’s Insurance of China analysis.

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