Jardine Matheson News: Buy shares now?

Jardine Matheson: What is investor sentiment?

The discussions about Jardine Matheson on social media platforms give a clear signal about the ratings and sentiments surrounding the title. Negative opinions have increased significantly over the past two weeks. In addition, predominantly negative topics related to value have been addressed in the past few days. Our editors have come to the conclusion that the company should be classified as a “team”. In summary, the editors believe Jardine Matheson’s shares are appropriately rated “Hold” based on investor sentiment.

Still room for improvement in the share

The price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio is currently 8.11. This means that for every euro Jardine Matheson wins, the exchange pays EUR 8.11. This is 83 percent less than what is paid for comparable values ​​in the industry. In the “Industrial Conglomerates” category, the average value is currently 48.47. As a result, the stock is undervalued and is therefore assessed as Buy on a P/E basis.

Overbought RSI causes frustration

For stocks, technical analysis also looks at the relationship between a price’s upward and downward movements over time and plots this for a 7-day period in the Relative Strength Index. Based on this so-called RSI, Jardine Matheson is currently overbought at 75.53. Therefore, this signal is classified as Sell. Extending the relative movement to 25 days (RSI25) gives the stock a reading of 52.79. This is considered a signal that the stock is neither considered overbought nor oversold. Therefore, on this basis, the rating is “Hold”. Overall, this results in the “Sell” rating for the RSI.


Lost sight of the competition

The share’s return is -15.18 percent in the past year. Compared to stocks from the same sector (“Industrials”), Jardine Matheson is 17.78 percent below average (2.6 percent). The average annual return for securities from the same industry “industrial conglomerates” is 1.9 percent. Jardine Matheson is currently 17.08 percent below this value. Due to the underperformance, we rate the stock at this level as an overall “sell”.

How is the atmosphere?

Jardine Matheson’s mood has not changed significantly in recent weeks. A sentiment change occurs when the mass of market participants in the social media, which is the basis of this evaluation, tends towards particularly positive or negative topics. As Jardine Matheson did not register any abnormalities in this regard, we rate this criterion as “Hold”. Regarding the strength of the discussion, or in other words the change in the number of posts, no significant differences could be identified. We reward this with a “Hold” rating. In summary, Jardine Matheson gets a “Hold” for this level.

Bearish fashion at Jardine Matheson

Jardine Matheson’s 200-day moving average (GD200) is currently at $56.29. This gives the stock a “Sell” rating as the share price itself closed at $50.67, building a gap of -9.98 percent. The ratio is different compared to the moving average price for the past 50 days. The GD50 has currently taken a level of $53.37. This again corresponds to the current difference of -5.06 percent for Jardine Matheson stock and thus a “sell” signal. The total result based on the two periods is therefore “Sell”.

Should Jardine Matheson Investors sell immediately? Or is it worth getting started?

How will Jardine Matheson develop now? Is an entry worth it, or should investors rather sell? Find out the answers to these questions and why you should act now in the latest Jardine Matheson analysis.

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