First Hawaiian News: Buy Stocks Now?

First Hawaiian and the moving averages

The moving average price of First Hawaiian is now $26.68. The stock itself has reached a price of $27.79. The distance to the GD200 is therefore +4.16 percent and leads to the “Hold” rating. In contrast, the GD50 for the past 50 days is currently at $24.06. From this point of view, the stock is a “buy” with a margin of +15.5 percent. We hereby assign the overall grade “Buy”.

How tempting is the payoff?

With a yield of 3.84%, First Hawaiian ranks just slightly below the industry average for commercial banks (4.16%) in terms of payout, with the difference being 0.31 percentage points. The “hold” classification can currently be derived from this.

First Hawaiian: The Relative Strength Index Signals

If you want to evaluate the dynamics of a share price, you can use the prominent relative strength index, RSI. Then, for a period of 7 days (or for 25 days as RSI25), the ratio of upward and downward movements is normalized to a distance of 0 to 100. With a value of 7.23, the First Hawaiian RSI is the basis for the “Buy” rating . The RSI25 comes in at 16.73, resulting in a 25-day “Buy” rating. This overall picture leads to a “buy” rating.

How do investors discuss the stock?

One of the soft factors in evaluating a stock is the long-term observation of communications on the Internet. From this point of view, the First Hawaiian stock has given the following picture in the past few months: The intensity of the discussion, which is primarily reflected in the frequency of the verbal contributions, has shown increased activity. Therefore, First Hawaiian receives a Buy rating for this factor. According to our measurement, the so-called rate of mood swings shows a positive change. This equates to a “buy” rating. Overall, First Hawaiian is a value buy.


What is the analyst’s target price?

Based on analysts’ long-term view, First Hawaiian stock will receive a Hold rating. Overall, the following ratings are available: 0 Buy, 1 Hold, 0 Sell. There are no analyst updates for First Hawaiian from the past month. Finally, the price target of the analysts is also interesting for the valuation of the stock as a whole. This settles at $26. This would give the stock a future performance of -6.44 percent as it currently costs $27.79. This development leads to the “Sell” rating. For the entire analyst assessment, we as editors assign the overall assessment “Hold”.

The warehouse cannot keep up

The share’s return is -6.27 percent in the past year. Compared to its peers (“financials”), First Hawaiian is 20.82 percent below average (14.55 percent). The average annual return for securities of the same branch “commercial banks” is 10.56 percent. First Hawaiian is currently 16.83 percent below that figure. Due to the underperformance, we rate the stock at this level as an overall “sell”.

Will the good mood boost the course?

The discussions surrounding First Hawaiian on social media platforms give a clear signal of the ratings and sentiments surrounding the title. The positive statements are currently piling up in the comments and testimonials over the past two weeks. In addition, predominantly positive topics related to value have been addressed in the past few days. Our editors have come to the conclusion that the company should be classified as a “buy”. In summary, the editors believe First Hawaiian’s stock is a fair buy based on investor sentiment.

Buy, hold or sell First Hawaiian?

How will First Hawaiian evolve now? Is an entry worth it, or should investors rather sell? Find out the answers to these questions and why you should act now in the latest First Hawaiian analysis.

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