Day care children should start with the school’s wqeg training

Road to school in the Mettmann district
Daycare children must train their way to school

The roundabout guard each provides 4,400 workbooks for children, brochures for adults and owl reflectors. They are made for the 1st classes in 2023. The experts expressly warn against parents taking taxis.

4400 owls are looking for new owners. Anyone who saw the beaming children’s eyes at the Wülfrather family center in Ellenbeek on Thursday knows that it will certainly succeed. The reflectors must be tied to the rucksacks of the future generation of 1st graders in the district of Mettmann. Because when the days become short and dark again – in autumn and winter – then the glittering owls should catch the eyes of lorry drivers, drivers and cyclists. The Mettmann roundabout guard has started the next edition of “Safe at school” together with their sponsors.

“Parents should start training their pre-school children how to get to school now,” says the first chairman of the roundabout watch, Ralf Schefzig: “Anyone who only starts a week before the start of school is way too late.” Because it is a good intention becomes even better with a little emphasis, as the traffic patrol has used the day services throughout the district in previous years. This works, among other things, with a brightly colored workbook, through which the girls and boys learn what pitfalls there are for them on the road and how dangers can be avoided.

With the school route booklet for pre-school children and a parent’s guide, the initiators want to lay the groundwork for preparing the school route in kindergarten. Under the supervision of the kindergarten, the children must learn how to behave properly in traffic, the meaning of the most important traffic signs and what to watch out for when crossing the street. There are plenty of tips for adults on how to get to school, from choosing the best route to what to wear after dark.

The teachers in the daycare centers should practice the first rules and instructions for the children in traffic in a playful way. The campaign is made possible for the third time by the support of the Lhoist plant in Flandersbach, which specializes in lime extraction, and Unfallkasse Nordrhein-Westfalen, which supports the production of owls and workbooks as sponsors. The adults therefore met on Thursday at the family center Ellenbeek in Wülfrath to hand over reflectors and workbooks to the daycare there, to some extent representative of all daycares in the district, which are now being equipped with them.

“The central role model in road safety education is and will be the parents,” warns Ralf Schefzig from the traffic police. Parents should keep reminding themselves of this, especially in the year before they start school. Schefzig has no sympathy for helicopter parents who drive their children to the school gate every day. This is in no way safer for the children, but rather a very dangerous convenience: “It means that the children are deprived of any opportunity to test their behavior on the road.”

It is much better to start early with the training about the future school path in the families. And practicing neuralgic points, such as crossing a busy street, over and over. It is the only way the children can achieve the necessary security. Schefzig: “Immediately before the start of school next year, the school road should be closed again. Maybe something has changed in the meantime,” says the chairman of the traffic police. Currently, many construction sites make life difficult for both young and old pedestrians. “But the children must learn to deal with that.” On foot – on their own way to school.

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