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Neckar-Odenwald district. (RNZ) The human body is programmed for a life in motion. This can be equally inspiring and satisfying. In our everyday life, however, it is often neglected, and even children often lack exercise. Against this background, something has now been started in the region: around 60 specialists recently participated in the two certification events for the movement passport in Mosbach and Buchen.

With their participation, the teachers and the volunteer teachers were able to implement the exercise card in their facility. Further certifications have already taken place in Mosbach. A total of 28 day care centers and 17 clubs are currently certified. “The acceptance of the offer in our district is absolutely gratifying. I can only encourage other facilities to specifically promote the children’s motor skills with the training card,” said the chairman of the municipal health conference of the Neckar-Odenwald district, district Administrator Dr. Achim Brotel.

The certification events in July in the Odenwald sports center and in the sports hall of the Ludwig Erhard school in Mosbach were by no means passive information events. The participants wanted more: to be able to implement the activity pass together with the children and to be able to give away the popular kite stickers. The children collect the stickers for each successfully completed exercise, from the “ant” to the “snake” to the “bear”.

Julia Watzal has been working as a multiplier for the Neckar-Odenwald district since this year and carries out the certifications in the district. The second event was represented by the speaker Alexandra Krebs from Freudenstadt. After a short introductory round, the multipliers discussed the development and importance of promoting motor skills in early childhood and the concept of the practice session in an entertaining theoretical part.

This was followed by two exercise blocks in the morning and afternoon: the exercises were prepared in groups and explained to all those present, just as different game variants were shown to prepare the children as best as possible for the exercises. The participants had a lot of fun with the implementation. Trying it for yourself is an essential part of the one-day free certification event. “Anyone who does the child-friendly exercises themselves also knows what is important,” explains Watzal.

The concept of pace of movement,

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