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Why games for children are more than just a pastime

Games for children are versatile and can promote different skills

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Creative games for children are much more than just activities. Good games can promote social and emotional skills in children of different ages.

Whether with family or friends – when children play, they call on a wide range of skills. It can be social and emotional skills or motor skills and a good memory. Because children are always learning something, a variety of fun games can teach them new skills along the way. The first games should have simple rules and focus on casual play. Later, games for children can become more complex: more rules, game material and players. There is a huge selection of suitable games for children, here are ten ideas.

Games for children develop different skills:

  1. concentration and perception
  2. Dexterity, memory and spatial thinking
  3. Considered actions and tactics

1. Board games for children

A board game consists – as the name suggests – of a game board. Apart from that, there is a wide range of games that are characterized by numerous accessories. A popular board game, regardless of age group, is “The Settlers of Catan”, the classic is also available in “Junior Edition” for children aged six and over. The game principle of exchange and trade aims to promote logical thinking in children.

2. Skill games for kids

Motor skills can be trained well with games for children. This is how the little ones should play the skill game “Crystallica” (suitable from the age of 3) try knocking individual ice cubes out of a game board using a small hammer. This requires a certain finesse and patience.

3. Brain games for children

“Mastermind” is a logic puzzle for children aged seven and over. The other player’s secret code must be determined using colored pins. It is played in pairs. Combining skills and logical thinking are required.

4. Memory games for children

In memory games, children must use well-considered actions and tactics. Exciting memory and search games challenge and encourage the little ones at the same time. “dragon strong” is a memory game for children aged five and over. The game must require both concentration and memory.

5. Card games for children

Like the junior version of “The Settlers of Catan”, the popular card game “Skip-Bo” also has an offshoot for younger players of five years and above. “Skip-Bo Junior” provides the opportunity to playfully introduce children to numbers and sequences of numbers. The cards must be placed in the correct order and whoever gets rid of all their cards first wins.

6. Educational games for children

This educational game also shows that games for children are more than just a pastime. If you want to deepen the school material in a playful way with children, you have a large selection of different educational games. There are games to read or to learn to count. The game “number dinosaur” serves the latter category. Children from the age of three are slowly introduced to numbers.

7. Dice game for children

Hardly any other dice game should be known to so many generations, because “Kniffel” has been around since the 1950s. The more original form, called “Yahtzee”, was released in the US in 1956. Like the version for older players, there is also “Kniff children” consists of five dice, a dice cup and a playing block. It is suitable for children aged five and over.

8. Reaction games for children

The reaction game requires quick reactions “double”. Families can play it together, because even the smallest quickly understand the game principle. Image pairs on two playing cards must be recognized as quickly as possible. Whoever switches and names the character the fastest wins the card and collects points.

9. Travel games for children

Long journeys, especially monotonous car journeys, can quickly become boring for the young. Travel games for kids offer activity on the go and help distract from the journey with entertaining games and puzzles. Compact ones are ideal “travel blocks”because when a task is solved, the finished game can simply be separated from the block.

10. Movement game for children

It is important to create opportunities for movement in everyday life. This is not only healthy, but also a compensation for overheated children’s heads. Incorporating exercise in a playful way is particularly motivating and also provides an opportunity for family time. This “tiptoi hands-on adventure” encourages children from the age of three to move more with stories, songs and rhymes.

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