Is the game suitable for children?

One game breaks all records and everyone is talking about it: the cat simulator “Stray”. But what is it really about and can children also have access to it? We have tested the game and will tell you about the plot, gameplay and rating of USK.

“Stray” is a kind of cat adventure from the indie development studio “Blue Twelve”, which was released on July 19, 2022. You can currently only get the game as a haptic version for PlayStation 5, for example here Amazon buying. You can get it as a purely digital download for PS5 and PS4 in PSN store. By the way: If you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber with at least the “Extra” level, it is even included in your subscription and you can play it for free. on Steam you can buy and download it, also digitally, to your PC. The game is also rumored to be coming to Xbox and Nintendo Switch, but there are no official announcements yet.

Play “Stray” in the test: is the plot something for children?

The protagonist and his family have a cozy home (Image source: BlueTwelve Studio, shot on PS5).

In “Stray” (see it on Amazon), you play a red cat who loses his four-legged family when he falls into a deep hole after an unfortunate jump. Searching for a way back to the surface, he experiences a world unlike any we’ve seen before. The different parts of this world that the little tiger must go through on his way to freedom are very atmospheric, sometimes dark and with strong cyberpunk influences. The only source of light is often just bright neon signs that illuminate narrow streets. On his journey, he meets not only metal-eating enemies that attack everything that moves, but also friendly robots that have developed artificial intelligence and can think and feel for themselves. These tell him that they have been living in darkness for decades. Some of the more adventurous, tired of that fact, have made it their mission to get to the surface and see real daylight and real plants. So they try to help him get back to his world. It’s up to you if the little cat can do it and help the robots at the same time.

the stray – [PlayStation 5]
now from €39.99 at Amazon

The price may be higher now. Price per 16/08/2022 03:12

Game mechanics: How does the game work?

The game’s controls are very simple: you can run, jump, meow and even scratch objects and carpets like a real cat. To progress, you have to solve smaller, fairly simple, puzzles. But also jumping on objects, climbing dizzying heights and running away from the metal-eating enemies in some sequences. There are also a few smaller side quests where you can collect items and give them to robots who will usually give you a reward in return. The game is not an open world game, but you follow a linear story. It is also quite short, theoretically you can complete the game in under 2 hours as there is a trophy for it. If you take your time and really explore the world, you’re sure to get 4 to 6 hours of pure play time.

the stray - [PlayStation 5]
the stray – [PlayStation 5]

Atmospheric cat simulator game where you take on the role of a cat who is on his way to find his family and has many adventures along the way.

The price may be higher now. Price per 16/08/2022 03:12

What does the USK 12 age rating in the game “Stray” mean exactly?

The game world is populated by robots that have developed consciousness (Image source: BlueTwelve Studio, captured on PS5).

The game “Stray” received an age rating of 12 years. This can be attributed on the one hand to the post-apocalyptic and dark atmosphere and on the other hand to the puzzles, which may be a bit more tricky for children. Because according to the entertainment software self-control, USK for short, children can only solve more complex puzzles independently from around 12 years old. The enemies themselves don’t look much scarier than in other games like “Minecraft” which got 6 USK. You can’t fall with tomcat, because he always skillfully jumps every obstacle. Furthermore, the robots are almost without exception friendly or at least neutral. Additionally, you never see how the cat is actually inflicted with pain when caught by the metal-eating opponents.

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For whom is the game “Stray” worth and should children play it?

A highly detailed game world brings with it a somewhat gloomy and sometimes eerie atmosphere (Image source: BlueTwelve Studio, recorded on PS5).

The game is a real little all-rounder with an exciting story and beautiful surroundings with a lot of love for details. Especially cat lovers will definitely like the little tiger and find it cute that you can knock over objects, scratch furniture and meow as much as you want. You won’t find any action-packed matches here. Children from the age of 12, who are no longer afraid of such environments, will surely enjoy the game.

Who is the game for? Who is the game not for?
  • all cat lovers will be delighted
  • Players want to be told an exciting story
  • Players who appreciate an exciting atmosphere and a beautiful game world
  • Children who may be frightened by the gloomy world of intelligent robots
  • Players who like to expect a lot of action
  • Players who don’t like playing straight games and prefer an open world with side quests
Martha Dorawa

A compelling indie game for adults, but also for little ones?

I finished Stray myself a few weeks ago and was hooked by the atmosphere and story from start to finish, even though the gameplay itself isn’t particularly challenging. I think it’s nice to have a light game in front of me from time to time that focuses completely on the story and delivers there too. The game definitely gets a thumbs up from me.

Kids from the age of 12 will definitely get their money’s worth with “Stray” and can play the game with confidence as long as it’s not just fast action battles. Whether the game is suitable for children under 12, I cannot and will not judge at this time. Many locations can get pretty creepy and some of the chases with the metal eating enemies can get pretty hectic. Some of the puzzles that often appear in the game may also be a little too complicated for some children.

Watch the trailer for the cat adventure “Stray” here:

Stray: Trailer for the cute cat adventure

Exciting assessment questions with answers: Are you a quiz geek or do you often get it wrong?

Image source: BlueTwelve Studio, recorded on PS5

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